Catching The Bad Guys

The more we catch bad guys, the less we’ll hear about the need for dispatch reduction. It sounds kind of odd, doesn’t it? But it makes sense. If criminals are caught (either during or after the act), communities will be safer, police happier and we’ll hear less about nuisance alarms.

A huge SIAC goal is helping the electronic security industry improve alarm management practices. We also encourage technologies and approaches that improve criminal apprehension from security systems because it improves our image as an industry and our standing with law enforcement.

Use quality equipment in your installations. Make sure they meet CP-01 standards. If you find a demonstrated technology that improves the capture rate of criminal activity, give it a look. It will help your business, makes the electronic security industry look better and protects your customers.

We encourage high installation and equipment standards in all installations across North America. We also encourage companies to apply for the annual Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) award, which rewards the selected company with the best local alarm management practices. The deadline for this year’s award has been extended to March 30. Go to our Web site,, and check out the application form.

Applying for the PDQ means you’re committed to heading down the right path. You might not win, but by submitting an application, you’re showing your company is committed to doing quality work and “catching the bad guys.” We look forward to reading your submission.


Executive Director of SIAC
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