Another Success In Georgia

Another community in Georgia – Fayetteville – is implementing an abbreviated version of the model ordinance. It’s one worked to put together with the Georgia Chiefs of Police (GACP), and has proven successful elsewhere in the state. SIAC’s Glen Mowrey has been instrumental in getting this model developed and implemented, with the cooperation of law enforcement officials in specific communities.

Local officials voted recently to pass it, and then the provisions need to be implemented by the police department. We’re confident it will continue to move forward, based on Glen’s strong work, and the relationships he’s developed there.

What’s important for companies in the electronic security industry to take away from these successes is that one good thing leads to another. Once we start demonstrating results, we can share those lessons elsewhere. In this case, the GACP model ordinance is getting buy-in from communities across the state.

Georgia and other states use versions of our national model ordinance. The core provisions – permits, fines, two-call verification, CP-01 standards and a cutoff of response after too many false dispatch calls – are typically included in each state version, though the format can be modified to meet state and local conditions.

That is the beauty of the model ordinance and this simpler version – its adaptability. Glen’s steady and consistent work across the country working closely with law enforcement has led to wide applicability and community success in reducing unnecessary alarms. We hope to keep spreading that word.


Executive Director of SIAC
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