Making Things More Complicated Than They Should Be

One of the questions SIAC has to ask itself as an organization is whether we make things more complicated than they should be. Implicit in this question is: How do we best do our job for the electronic security industry? Part of the answer to that lies in supplying companies with useful tools and information.

If what we provide is overly-complicated or hard to apply, then not only are we not successful, but the companies and state/local associations using our materials can’t be successful either. So a large part of our motto revolves around staying flexible, and keeping things simple.

We see that around the cities of North America that seek to reduce unnecessary alarms. We provide roadmaps to these communities and the local leaders from our industry to use in carving quick solutions to meet their specific demands. Not every jurisdiction is the same, so prescribing a complex answer is not the way to go. Instead, we strive to provide a framework that be modified effectively with local input.

One area of the country we’ve worked on a lot the past two years is the state of Arizona. Maria Malice, the President of the Arizona Alarm Association (AZAA), presented us with a $1,000 donation from AZAA during the Electronic Security Association (ESA) meeting at the Leadership Summit last month in Las Colinas, TX. We appreciate Arizona’s donation, and Maria’s kind words expressed publicly in the industry forum.

We’re pleased to help Arizona make progress in a number of cities, and look forward to helping other states in 2012, and the years ahead. Visit our Web site for more information, Our “Hot Topics” feature recent news you should find easy-to-use and interesting. If not, let us know.


Executive Director of SIAC
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