Illinois Shows The Benefits Of Public Involvement

Here at SIAC, we consistently tout the benefits of electronic security companies knowing what is going on in their community, and getting involved with elected officials and police departments. We advance our presence, build good relationships and enhance public safety when companies step forward in this way. The end result goes to the bottom line of companies in our industry.

Our efforts are focused on improved alarm management practices. There are also times we help on similar or related issues. Recently, in Elk Grove Village, IL, the Illinois Electronic Security Association (IESA) achieved another milestone for our industry by working with the village council on fire monitoring-related issues. After testimony and discussion, the council chose not to advance a plan that originally mandated the use of the local government’s selected product supplier and monitoring service. We believe IESA’s efforts, and the decision made by the Elk Grove Village Council, warrant additional exposure because of how this played out – through dialogue, discussion and the sharing of information to reach a quality decision.

SIAC supports this type of atmosphere. We emphasize the aspect of “working together” to achieve a goal. We believe there is much in common between private business protecting communities and the emergency services provided by local governments. Certainly, we do have to challenge local ordinances at times. That is part of our job. It should be a last option though, after we’ve exhausted other alternatives

In ElK Grove Village, the IESA didn’t need to get exhausted. They did the right thing, encouraging their members to attend the village meeting and share their perspective on what the best options are to service fire monitoring systems. With their input, village officials agreed to a common solution. We applaud their efforts.


Executive Director of SIAC
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