A New Year’s Gift From ESA

We went to thank the Electronic Security Association (ESA) for selecting one of our blogs as a “Top Ten” story of 2011 in their online newsletter, the “ESA Integrator.” It’s an honor to be selected. We’re pleased that the issues we cover have a wide application in the electronic security industry, and attract the attention of leaders.

Their selection was interesting. The common thread in the piece we wrote was about progress in alarm management practices in three communities in different parts of the country – Eau Claire, WI; Duluth, MN; and Union City, TN. Each showed sustained progress in reducing unwanted alarms. Each employed different techniques. Each community established and enforced standards.

We worked with officials in each of these communities, sharing our best practices and making suggestions. We’re glad to see the progress they made, and importantly in these cases, we’re also glad to be able to tell others about it.

Success breeds success. Other communities can learn from these examples. Perhaps that’s why our blog was selected. Maybe that’s why it got more exposure than other blogs.

We do note a trend in the blogs SIAC posts: When you talk about getting things done the right way, and offer constructive solutions, people listen. We’re glad ESA gave us extra exposure. They’re helping our industry develop stronger companies by publicizing and emphasizing this type of information.


Executive Director of SIAC
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