User Error Training On SIAC Web Site

When it comes to false dispatches, user error continues to be a thorn in the side of electronic security companies, and our relationships with law enforcement. Because user error is a major contributor to false dispatches, it is something that we can improve upon and make a significant difference in terms of unnecessary calls for police dispatch from alarm systems. A HUGE fact is this: User error is STILL the primary source of false alarms resulting in unnecessary dispatches.

Because of that, we’ve added a link to our Web site at: You’ll find two files to download that will help your company with solutions THAT WORK! Please click it on, read through it, and share it with your colleagues. We need to disseminate the message on improved training to every company in the electronic security industry.

One of the simple messages we should all take away from this ongoing problem is that every company needs to accept this responsibility to provide the right training, and put the right people in place to ensure customers get what they want and need. Customers need to know how to operate their alarm systems effectively. Employees for security companies need to be able to explain that information easily, in simple terms, and reinforce key operating principles. Because we don’t always have “communicators” in positions to speak with customers, some of the message is lost in translation. Hence, the need for training.

Better trained employees will improve your customer connections, reduce unnecessary alarms and grow your bottom line. Trained employees are good for your business. Don’t believe or accept “customer error” as a “not my company’s fault” excuse; accept responsibility, be part of the solution. Check out our Web site. Take the next step.

Oh, and by the way, did we mention ECV or two-call verification is the number one solution to reduce unnecessary dispatches caused by user error, addressing the issue AFTER the user error occurs? Our updated website also contains information on these preventive solutions. One more reason to go to


Executive Director of SIAC
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