Our Stale Web Site

Web sites become stale. It’s a fact of life. Keeping them relevant and compelling is the best way to keep people visiting. We plead guilty to not being quite as diligent as we could about posting new information, ideas and solutions that can help our industry do a better job of curtailing the nuisance alarms that plague us.
At the same time, we regularly put up our press releases, new testimonials from national members of law enforcement, pictures from key security industry events, new materials available for you to use in presentations to local jurisdictions, and a little known fact – our State Activity Report. You may never have heard about this.
But if you look closely after accessing http://www.siacinc.org, and go to the bottom right-hand corner, you see our “State Activity Report,” which catalogues local ordinances and policies dealing with alarm systems. Some of it is good, some bad when it comes to how it affects electronic security companies. What it means to you though, is you should be aware of those activities in the areas you service.
Knowing what provisions are in a local ordinance helps you sell systems. Your sales representatives demonstrate expertise when they explain to prospective customers about permit and two-call verification procedures (ECV – Enhanced Call Verification). The informed customer is a strong customer.
We post to this report regularly. It’s one of the important services we provide free of charge to help you run your business more effectively. Check it out. Stay informed. It’s important to you, and your customers.


Executive Director of SIAC
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