In the public arena field SIAC operates in, we can’t ramrod our positions into policies or laws. Unlike operating a business, where you can stake a claim through a better service or product, decisions involving multiple parties at the table require persuasion. Getting others to see our position, understand it, and embrace it, is a cornerstone of our success.

“Persuasion” can be seen as a manipulative way of doing business, as if you’re trying to get someone to adopt an unethical business practice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without persuasion, without getting people to look at solving problems in fresh ways, we’re stuck with things the way they are. We’ve found that past practices in the alarm industry from 10 years ago were not sustainable when it comes to reducing unnecessary alarm dispatches. So we worked with multiple stakeholders to persuade them about new practices to improve alarm management. It worked.

We’ll continue to need persuasion in the years ahead. Central to our mission is educating and informing elected officials, law enforcement and members of the security industry about programs that reduce alarm dispatch calls. If we do not inform and educate, no one knows about this solution. So, we must persuade others about what’s been done, and how one community’s success can be shared elsewhere.

Yes, we persuade. That’s a good thing. We hope we’ve persuaded you as a reader of our weekly blog to follow us on a regular basis, and send us your feedback. We’ll get better with your persuasion, so stay in touch with us through you comments on this page.


Executive Director of SIAC
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