A Guard Company Wedding To An Integrator

We’re a supporter of sworn officer first response to alarms. We’ve held that view for many years because that is what citizens expect and the vast majority of law enforcement leaders agree. We continue to educate all parties on methods for reducing those unnecessary dispatches, so law enforcement can continue to meet the needs of their constituents.

Recently, Securitas USA and Convergint Technologies have formalized an agreement to offer a “total security program.” Securitas offers private guard service and Convergint is a systems integrator. They see a combination of guards and technology as an answer to certain security situations.

Like video surveillance, we believe a guard/technology wedding has a market niche. But we do not believe that private guard service is the way to go for responding to all alarm systems. Instead, trained law enforcement is critical as the safest option for responding to security systems. Having the knowledge, manpower and enforcement authority to deal with criminal activity at a home or business, as law enforcement does, is crucial to the highest level of protection and deterrence.

We do believe and support private response where conditions exist that would burden local law enforcement, like multi-building facilities where simultaneous alarm system operations combined with a high number of constant system users result in numerous and constant requests for response or a special need exists for guaranteed timely response.

We salute the continued development and new product/service offerings that enhance the growth of the security industry. Offering new solutions to customers’ needs, as this guard-technology combination will do, is a good sign that companies in our industry are adjusting to the changing nature of the security field.

We’ll continue working for the electronic security industry, and advocating for sworn law enforcement response to alarms. At the same time, we support continuing to look for new ways to improve alarm management programs, and public safety.


Executive Director of SIAC
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