Thanks To The California Alarm Association!!

It’s no secret (or maybe it still is to some) that here at SIAC (and other non-profit organizations) it’s been much tougher raising funds the past three years. Tighter times typically mean tighter budgets. We rely on companies, organizations and individual across North America to keep us fully funded, and we’ve looked at new avenues each of the past three years.

In particular, we’ve sought the support of state associations in the electronic security industry. Thankfully, many have stepped up to the plate in the past two years. Every donation helps our industry build longer term growth through the ordinances and agreements we’ve developed and helped implement to maintain police response to alarms.

Recently, the California Alarm Association (CAA) took an additional step. In an email to members seeking donations for their Political Action Committee, CAA added a section for members to donate to SIAC. It was a nice touch, and one we want to publicly thank CAA and their leadership for.

For us to continue to do quality work, we need sustainable funding. It may sound like a never-ending mantra, but we need to keep getting the word out, not only to big companies and organizations, as well as state associations, but also beyond that. Our work helps every company in the electronic security industry. We hope smaller companies, as well as the big ones, know this about SIAC.

We do have to keep tooting our horn. It’s way more fun when others toot if for us. Thanks CAA, and keep spreading the message. There are trouble spots erupting as this is written, and our mission remains as important today as when we began.


Executive Director of SIAC
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One Response to Thanks To The California Alarm Association!!

  1. itzsolutions says:

    It is always refreshing to see groups working together for the common good… Kudos to CAA…

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