Unprecedented Move In Detroit

In an unprecedented move, the Detroit Police Department notified the security industry over the weekend that they were going to Verified Response starting today!! We have had verbal communication that they will now delay enforcement for one-week only. We are trying to get that in writing….
What are we to make of this decision? Over the past five years, SIAC and the Michigan Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (MBFAA) have repeatedly worked together to implement intelligent programs to reduce unnecessary alarms. The police department acknowledged the success and progress we’d made. Most recently, Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) was implemented. This weekend policy change is puzzling, but even more so considering that we’ve worked together successfully multiple times to come up with solutions that work.
The political atmosphere can change. That is why we must remain vigilant. It’s also why constant communication with these departments is critical.
The details that led to Detroit’s decision are unknown at this point. Here at SIAC, we are working closely with MBFAA to find out what is driving this action, and supplying information to justify retaining police response to alarms. We’ll stay on top of the situation for as long as it takes to get it right.
Once again though, it’s clear that as an industry we must remain united to work on these campaigns – coordinating with local officials on the best long-term response options, enforcement and implementation. Armed with good information, we help receptive local officials understand the best options for public protection and ways to manage their resources most effectively. We’ll keep working for you in Detroit, and all across North America.


Executive Director of SIAC
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One Response to Unprecedented Move In Detroit

  1. Jerry says:

    Why not sell video & audio at the time of the install? False alarms are costing everyone money so why not have the alarm USER foot the bill? Stop putting the blame on the Police when we have unresponsible users and Central Stations that don’t care.

    As a matter of fact, why not send all alarms straight to the Police and let the City bill the customer for monitoring? Third party Central Stations will be a thing of the past soon. Alarms and video can be sent directly to the customers I-Phone and thereby bypassing the Central Station. Let the customer call the Police and set up a dispatch.

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