More Needs To Be Done

Security Sales and Integration magazine (SSI) and Police magazine have released an updated survey of national law enforcement leadership, on a number of issues regarding alarm dispatch and reduction methods, as well as new technologies. In short, the statistics are encouraging – the electronic security industry has a better relationship with law enforcement than it did 8 years ago, and it is taking steps to reduce unnecessary alarms. At the same time, the statistics aren’t where they should be. We need to do more!

Our groups have a common interest – to protect public safety. This means we should be working closely together and ensure the right hand knows what the left is doing. Several statistics stand out in demonstrating that the messages we’re putting out aren’t necessarily being received by law enforcement.

For example, only about 50% of respondents recognized the major provisions of the model ordinance, which we use in cities across the U.S. to improve alarm management practices. Only 22% of those surveyed saw an improvement over the last survey in our collective alarm dispatch effort. Almost 54% though saw progress in the relationship between law enforcement and the security industry.

There’s good and bad in those statistics. We have much more to do, clearly, to communicate the model ordinance and its provisions, and why it’s important and effective. Similarly, we need to get the message out more on our industry’s commitment to working with law enforcement on solutions. SIAC will continue to work hard on both these fronts, available to meet one-on-one, in groups or through state/national associations to further build those relationships.

It’s heartening to see that over 50% of respondents saw progress in the relationship between law enforcement and electronic security industry. We can take pride in that stat.

There’s much more in the study. Read through it on your own. Call SIAC if your city or local association needs help working on alarm management issues. We’re here for you, and the more we can step forward and be visible, the more the next survey will reveal positive trends for all of us.


Executive Director of SIAC
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