Industry Recognition

With ESX recently completed in Charlotte, it’s good to look back on some of those recognized, including Jay Hauhn of ADT Security Services. We honored Jay with the Bill Moody Award for the critical work he’s done for SIAC over the years. As a non-profit entity serving all elements of the security alarm industry, SIAC needs people like Jay to survive and thrive.

Some of our work may sound simple, but it doesn’t get done by just snapping your fingers. Jay’s stepped up repeatedly to ensure our fundraising meets goals to keep us surviving in a very tightly constricted economic environment. Fundraising is probably one of THE most thankless tasks there is. Asking people for money requires savvy on the issues, knowledge to explain why the donation is important and makes strategic sense for the company that gives money, and a willingness to be told “no” to your face over and over, and keep coming back for more.

Jay, of course, does a lot more than that. He’s an advocate. He raises our profile. He’s a leader. Lending his skills and passion to our cause makes us a better organization.

There are many people in our industry that step forward day after day, year after year, without seeking recognition. They donate time and their energy because they believe it’s right to go beyond the borders of their business, and help the industry as a whole. We salute all of them who make those special efforts to improve alarm management practices, and grow the electronic security industry.

The Bill Moody Award is special because we go back and look at who has contributed greatly to our cause over the past year. Jay Hauhn stood out, and we look forward to finding more Jay’s over the coming years.


Executive Director of SIAC
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