Law Enforcement and Alarm Relationship Study

Security Sales and Integration (SSI) magazine is publishing a “2011 Law Enforcement and Alarm Relationship Study” in an upcoming issue. Previous studies on these issues have yielded valuable information on law enforcement’s perspective concerning the electronic security and industry, and how we can improve the way we operate.

The new study will ask some different questions that reflect the changing nature effective alarm systems management, and the nature of our relationship with police departments. One of the advantages of this type of follow-up study is that it will reflect more current conditions. Outdated data becomes a problem with any study. Unless there is a periodic update, there comes a point when any study is not as relevant as it should be.

Technology has changed since the previous study was released. Two-call verification has become much more prominent across the country. Police departments are facing new budget constraints.

These factors, and more, have changed since the last study came out. We’re looking forward to see what’s new, how perspectives have changed, and frankly, what our next challenges are. At SIAC we need to keep up-to-speed with all these issues, and it’s helpful to have additional analysis so we make good decisions.

You can access the previous reports at:


Executive Director of SIAC
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