Eau Claire, Duluth and Union City

A couple of weeks back, we gave some examples of progress on the alarm management front in several key cities across the U.S. SIAC was directly engaged in those cases. We’re proud of this, but also proud when the electronic security industry takes step to do the right thing regardless of our involvement.

In Eau Claire, WI, Duluth, MN and Union City, TN, calls for police dispatch have decreased significantly. The statistics range from a 25% decrease over one year, to approximately a 50% decrease over a number of years. What this demonstrates is the need to stay with a program to make it work.

SIAC’s solutions have been proven over and over, particularly when embraced and enforced. This requires buy-in from the PD and our industry. Sometimes we help local industry by taking the point in the battle. Sometimes local security companies take the lead, using readily available information and resources to make their case. Either way, we’re glad to be able to provide the tools necessary to advance public safety, and reduce unnecessary dispatches.

It’s heartening to see more cases where we’re not directly involved or needed to work through these issues. That means the word is getting out nationally about how to approach officials and work cooperatively towards solutions. That’s a big step for our industry, and one we continue to advocate.

We’re still there to help. In more cases than not, local security industry seeks our help, and we’re here for them. That’s why we were established. It’s the reason we’ve developed a database of successful alarm ordinances that include best practices; strategy tips for greater cooperation; presentation materials/talking points; how to effectively implement, publicize and enforce a two-call verification program, along with other useful information. The more we can share, the more the electronic security industry prospers.


Executive Director of SIAC
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