City Councils Matter

City councils matter. When communities across the country pursue Verified Response (VR) or other onerous actions that affect security companies, it’s typically the elected officials where our industry can have the most impact.

When it does come down to a city council vote, customers have a more direct voice in the decision. For this to occur though, it’s important for security companies to themselves be aware of what is going on locally.

This is not easy, obviously, as owners are focused on making sales, ensuring good installations and service, and generally looking ahead in terms of where their business is headed. We urge companies in our industry to stay plugged into these local issues. At the same time, SIAC is here to help.

We monitor cases around the country. We provide information updates and are available to work with companies anywhere in the country if there is an ordinance issue that requires expert analysis or review. To continue our calling, funding is required on an annual basis. We provide our services for free. As a non-profit organization, it is individual companies, owners, state and national associations that keep us afloat through their donations. We need their help annually for us to help you. Go to to find out more about us, or to send a donation.

Over the past 7-8 years, we’ve made a major dent in the VR brigade. At the same time, communities continue to examine different ways to save resources, and sometimes that puts the VR option on the table. SIAC is there for you to engage on these issues, provide good information and work with local officials to maintain police response. Help us help you. Plug into our Web site, or contact one of our staff members. The more we hear from you, the earlier we can get involved and provide you a stronger response.


Executive Director of SIAC
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