The Newest RMR

Ron Walters, our trusty SIAC cutting-edge speaker, has an interesting take on how electronic security companies can increase their recurring monthly revenue (RMR). Oddly enough (with our tongue firmly planted in cheek), his take also has an angle for reducing those unnecessary calls for dispatch to the police department.

Yes, he’s sending a good message for improved alarm management practices. But his point is also that managing customer alarm systems effectively is good for your business and profits.

Ron’s point when he makes it in various talks around the country is that service calls are an often-overlooked way to increase business and improve management of alarm systems. Why?

The answer is really quite simple: By scheduling a service call to sit down with the customer to check on how his system is operating, the technician 1) should do a full analysis to ensure everything works properly, which means fixing equipment and educating the customer to reduce those unwanted alarms, which then leads to 2) being able to sell the customer on a new product or service.

Reduce alarms. Fix equipment. Teach the customer. See if a new product fits the customer’s needs.

It makes sense. We hope you’ve heard Ron’s message. If not, ask him next time you see him.


Executive Director of SIAC
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