Free Alarm System Classes

Here’s an idea: Why not offer free alarm system classes? Your state or local electronic security association (or your company) can get great visibility from such a program, and build a better relationship with the police department. In the process, you’ll help customers operate their systems more effectively, reduce calls for police dispatch and create a closer relationship with your customers, leading to sales growth.

Sounds great. Some companies are doing just this.

An interesting piece of news though is it’s not always security companies taking the lead on this type of program. Recently, for example, Casa Grande, Arizona announced that their police department is working with the community to reduce the number of unnecessary alarms that result in calls to the police. They’ve had fast growth in Casa Grande, which has been a contributing factor to the increase. This also affects officer availability.

So what did they do? They took action to solve the problem by setting up free alarm system classes.

They point out that it’s important for customers to avoid unnecessary alarms. The class will show what to do if an alarm goes off, and how to obtain an alarm permit, a requirement to operate the system in the city.

As incentive, the city offers a $50 waiver certificate good for one year toward outstanding cost recovery fees. It’s a good plan. Those of us in the electronic security industry should take heed. See about implementing a similar program in your community, or suggesting it to your local police department. It’s a great step for the industry.


Executive Director of SIAC
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2 Responses to Free Alarm System Classes

  1. Ron Walters says:

    Police conducting alarm classes is nothing new. Phoenix AZ was one of the first and had has great success over a long period. This is in spite of the fact that the materials presented at these classses is non equipment specific and when you think about it, it should be embarassing that the police have to train our customers.

    Using the materials that were so succesful with the police alarm schools SIAC has prepared an information sheet for training alarm customers. Go to to download a copy of this document. Feel free to use this with your customers. It is 90% effective for your worst customers.

  2. justwrite15 says:

    If anyone else has examples, feel free to share with our readers.

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