Never Saying Thank You Enough

As the saying goes, “You can never say thank you enough.”

So let’s say it now to the Electronic Security Association of Ohio: “THANK YOU!”

In the most recent issue of their state newsletter, ESA of Ohio gave SIAC front page coverage, touting our organization’s benefits. As a non-profit organization, we rely on support from companies in the electronic security industry, as well as other organizations, such as state chapters of ESA. Through this support, we are able to educate others on the best alarm management practices, and remain active in local jurisdictions around the country.

In particular, Bev Bailey Ohio ESA Executive Director, works closely with us. She continues to keep SIAC in the forefront of every effort. Ohio ESA donated $3,000 to SIAC, an extraordinary amount, given the current economy. This type of contribution is not only welcomed, but it also points to their leadership as an association by telling others how important our collective alarm management efforts are.

We thank them, and we thank all our contributors. We can’t do our job without you.

What’s especially heartening in this case is the willingness to give SIAC visibility, and pass that message onto other companies, in this case to electronic security companies in Ohio. With this additional outreach and support, we can get our critical messages more effectively disseminated across our industry.

It’s a hard job continuing to seek the resources year after year to sustain and grow our efforts. What we do benefits all companies on our industry. We hope that message gets out daily, weekly, monthly and annually, year after year. When we see state associations spreading our word for us, there’s only one thing to say: “THANK YOU.” Again and again.


Executive Director of SIAC
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2 Responses to Never Saying Thank You Enough

  1. Bev Bailey says:

    Thanks for the blog entry, but it is ESA of Ohio who should be thanking the SIAC team for their support! We have had the privilege of working with Glen, Ron and Stan to bring awareness of the false alarm reduction programs to Ohio for several years. Their unfailing, untiring assistance, including their presence whenever we’ve asked for them, has been of immeasurable help to us.

    SIAC offers their help at no charge to the Association. As a smaller one of the state Associations, and in any, much less a difficult economy, we could never afford to pay for the services they provide. Giving back with a permanent link on our website, articles in our newsletters and handout materials and with donations when we can seems like a small return for the investment of time and outstanding support Ohio has received from SIAC.

    The industry can NOT afford to lose SIAC as a resource. Ohio will continue to do whatever we can within our ability, to insure that they continue to be an available resource to all of us.

    • SIAC INC says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Bev. We’re glad to be able to help. SIAC was established with that mission in mind – to provide collective resources on these issues where maybe one company or one state wouldn’t have enough.

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