PDQ & You

Any award in the electronic security industry gets a patented response: We don’t have the time or resources to apply.

We’re all busy these days. If you run an alarm company, you’re looking at new avenues to expand your sales. You may be trying to figure out how to deal with a poorly performing employee. Or it might be tax time, and you’re working night and day with your accountant.

All these duties leave little time to consider industry awards. Instead of setting aside time, or assigning the duty to a key employee, the application falls into your pile of “I’ll get around to it when my workload lightens up.” This doesn’t happen, so the form never gets filled out.

Who loses in this scenario? Both the individual company and our industry. By applying to the Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award, for example, you bring together information through the application process that can be used to promote your company. Regardless of whether you win, the sheer act of gathering data arms you with materials to sell your reputation to customers: “We work hard to manage your alarm system effectively, and that saves you money in the long run” is a line your sales representative can effectively use with a prospect.

That is by no means the only reason to apply for the PDQ, which is now entering its sixth year. But it’s a good one. Another good reason is that the award demonstrates cooperative activities with local police departments (PD). Good relations with law enforcement are critical to the long-term success of our industry. By working with your local PD, you establish a cooperative approach to solving problems. They know you and you know them. When that happens, both parties benefit, and we are much more likely to craft solutions of benefit to your company, the local jurisdiction, and the electronic security industry in general.

So, apply now. It will be a good exercise. You may find out more about your company than you knew a month ago. You may energize an employee with a new assignment. Best of all though, you’ll demonstrate your best practices, and when we raise the bar, that’s good for everyone.

Check out the application at http://www.siacinc.org, by going to the PDQ bar on the left-hand side of the page.


Executive Director of SIAC
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