Technology-Based Policing

There are multiple ways to improve policing. The security industry can be at the forefront of many of these new solutions.

Recently, the North Texas Alarm Association listened to the new Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, discuss how his department is using new tools and techniques to deter crime and apprehend suspects. Central to his talk was the concept of technology-based policing. The security industry is critical to this effort, and we should all be looking at how to partner in this effort.

From the use of video technologies to the reporting of ongoing criminal behavior by citizens using cell phones, Chief Brown spoke of how the growing use of electronic devices can help departments across the country reduce crime. To be part of the solution, we should be looking for opportunities to work cooperatively with departments across the country, applying the technologies we sell and service. This is good for the communities we protect, and for the bottom line of companies in the security business.

Alarm systems are designed to deter burglaries. As companies add new options, our ability to take protection to the next level grows. Working closely with law enforcement to craft technology-based solutions is one more step we can all take to build better relationships with local jurisdictions, and increase sales.

Take that next step and see what types of solutions your local police department is seeking. It may take your company in a new direction, and open opportunities you hadn’t considered.

For more tips on reducing unnecessary alarms or how to better relationships with law enforcement, go to


Executive Director of SIAC
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