Cutting Back on Unnecessary Alarms: Some Quick Tips

Your alarm is not a replacement for calling 9-1-1

Only use a panic or robbery button when you can’t call 9-1-1. When you believe you need a police officer to respond your alarm system is not a replacement for calling 9-1-1. Pushing a panic button when you think you heard a prowler will be a much lower priority call than if you called the police directly. The panic button should be used when you can not make that call.

Know how to cancel a false alarm

If your alarm goes off don’t leave until you’ve spoken to your alarm company. Make certain that anyone who has access to your alarm also knows how to cancel a false alarm, including the pass word and phone number to your alarm monitoring center.

Service your alarm

Have your alarm system serviced at least every 24 months. Many potential false alarms can be prevented if you have regular service on your alarm. Anytime your alarm goes off and you can not pin point the exact cause, you should contact your alarm company and discuss it with them. If they recommend a service call take them up on it.

Bad weather alarms

Many bad weather alarms are caused by old batteries. The alarm system battery should be replaced every 3-5 years, and sooner if there have been frequent power outages. Over time doors and windows can warp or become misaligned. Have your system tuned up BEFORE the bad weather arrives.

Emergency contact lists

Make certain that your emergency call lists are updated frequently and that you include cell phone numbers for the primary users. You can greatly reduce the opportunity for a false response by the police if you have your alarm company call both the site phone number and your cellular prior to dispatching the police.


Executive Director of SIAC
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