SIAC Remembers Cecil Hogan

You probably remember the hat. You remember his seasoned advice, his wide smile. If you’ve been in the electronic security business for any lengthy period of time, you remember Cecil Hogan.

We certainly do here at SIAC. We remember a man committed to our industry, working for years to help ESA with its many challenges. Always helpful, Cecil would lend his ear and give you an earful of his down-home advice. It might have been unconventional, but it was always worth hearing.

We are sad to hear of his recent passing. Others will write about his accomplishments in the electronic security industry, way back to the years where we called ourselves “alarm businesses.” The length of years spanning his accomplishments and involvement says a lot about how much he cared. And his caring captures the spirit of Cecil.

Central to SIAC’s mission and throughout the security field, Cecil was committed to reestablishing a strong working relationship between SIA, CSAA (currently The Monitoring Association) and ESA. Knitting those organizations into a tighter relationship helped pave the way for their support that has helped SIAC throughout the years. We thank him for all his help over his many years of service.

For those of you who are reading our blog for the first time, please click to following link to “Register for SIAC News” and receive our blog directly.

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Getting Familiar with SIAC

Many individuals and companies in the electronic security industry are familiar with SIAC. At the same time, many are not. This can be puzzling.

We reach out in multiple ways to share our message and the positive activities regarding alarm management that we undertake for the industry. When leaders, owners, managers here about our mission and accomplishments, they are typically supportive of SIAC’s efforts.

So, why are there still a significant number of companies unaware of what SIAC does? To a certain extent, we believe it comes down to exposure: Have these companies been exposed to the work SIAC does? Probably not. That’s our educated guess.

One area where we salute Wayne Alarm in addressing this issue of “hearing SIAC’s voice” is how they’ve shared our blog with their team. Each blog (typically we publish two a month) is now directly emailed to each of their employees. Through our data, we see that they are opening and reading what we write on a significant basis.

The question becomes, “How do we get more companies like Wayne Alarm sharing their email databases so we can directly send them our blog?” We invite each of you to help us out on this issue. We pledge not to share your email database with others. But we would appreciate you sending us a list of email addresses so that we can directly and regularly send them our blog, which addresses important security industry issues.

That will help your team become better informed on alarm management issues (and other critical industry-related activities), and extra effective in their jobs as they increase their knowledge base on what’s happening in the industry around the country. This helps your bottom line, and let’s us share our voice with others.

Please reach Stan Martin directly at if you would like to provide us this information, or to speak with him about any concerns you might have.

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ADT, Comcast, Johnson Controls, NetOne, Resideo

ADT, Comcast, Johnson Controls, NetOne, Resideo. If you’ve been employed in the electronic security sector, you know those five companies. They stand out because of how deeply they impact the security industry in many positive ways. They contribute to causes. They set leadership examples. They influence how others operate.

Beyond that, these fives companies are SIAC’s Top Five contributors. Because of their significant contributions, SIAC has been able to continue improving alarm management practices year after year. By keeping us financially strong, they benefit all the companies in security industry. We are deeply appreciative of their annual contributions.

We like to say “Thank You” on a regular basis to everyone who supports SIAC’s mission. Keep these companies in mind when you go about your day-to-day business. For more on each, here are their respective web sites to hear more from them:



Johnson Controls:



And for ALL our supporters, you may access their names here:

Thank you to each of our top five contributors, and thank you to all our other supporters. We can’t do the things we do for the security industry without you.

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SSI Industry Hall of Fame Inductees Include SIAC’s Ron Walters, Four Other Industry Leaders – Keith Baird, Dale Eller, Bob Harris, Jim McMullen 

It has been three years since Ron Walters official retirement from SIAC. Since then he has continued to support SIAC by representing us on various standards committees. He leaves behind a legacy of service and dedication to our industry.

Ron, along with four other security industry leaders – Keith Baird, Dale Eller, Bob Harris and Jim McMullen – were recently announced as inductees into Security Sales and Integration’s (SSI) security industry Hall of Fame. We could not be prouder of all five of these leaders. Over many years, each has distinguished themselves on multiple fronts, including SIAC’s mission of improving alarm management practices. SIAC is better for their contributions. And, indeed, the security industry is better because of their leadership.

Near and dear to us is Ron Walters for his work on false alarm issues. Beginning as a regional coordinator of the Model States program, in 1996-1997 he worked with 30+ Florida law enforcement agencies in landmark study of false alarms. He went on to become a field director for AIREF and Coordinated Alarm Reduction Effort (CARE), and eventually director of SIAC. His work with us included 20+ years of alarm management advocacy and law enforcement relationship building — an invaluable asset to the profession. His contributions spanned dealer training, writing educational material, authoring dozens of issue-solving articles, addressing city councils and engaging law enforcement. For a much more full write-up of his accomplishments and the other four talented inductees, please access SSI’s story here.

The other four inductees:

Keith Baird, Senior Director of Sales, National Accounts, Resideo

Dale Eller, Owner, ITZ Solutions

Bob Harris, Deceased (2020), Managing Director and Founder, The Attrition Busters

Jim McMullen, President and COO, COPS Monitoring

Ron was additionally recognized by SSI for his half-century of distinguished service and unique contributions to the mission of safety and security through a three-phased career in law enforcement, the alarm business and national trade groups. From 1968-1979, he worked for the Miami (Fla.) Police Department, receiving commendations and merits for exemplary service. Ron also served as president /CEO of Secure America, delivering alarm and security systems, services and monitoring to commercial and residential clients throughout Miami area.

He made SIAC better. He made those around him better. And, fundamentally, he moved the security industry forward in a positive direction. Ron cared about delivering high quality results on time. He never wavered on this, and never disappointed. Though he has now “fully retired,” we remain in close touch with Ron, and his insightful advice still emerges to impact issues we face.

SIAC also wants to thank SSI for continuing to shine the spotlight on all of these talented individuals for their contributions to our industry. SSI deserves a Hall of Fame nod in its own right for their service.

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Chime in on the NSA Public-Private Sector Partnership Award

SIAC encourages security companies to chime in on the NSA (National Sheriffs Association) Public-Private Sector Partnership Award. It is an excellent opportunity to show your community how you are working WITH law enforcement.

Please consider possible nominations for this special award which will include an NSA Award acknowledgement, presentation and photo op with your local sheriff. NSA sends a board member to the sheriff’s location to make the presentation with a representative of your company participating.

If your company is not yet working with a sheriff’s department, you should reach out to your sheriff and ask what you can do to support them — providing funding for deputy training, supplies for kids/drug prevention, etc. SIAC, along with The Monitoring Association (TMA), are sponsoring the award.

Start now — this award application is not due until December 2021, so you can engage now. You may submit an application later after the program is in place.

If you have any questions, please contact Stan Martin/SIAC 972.377.9401 or email

Attached is a link to NSA page:

And, this is the link to download for additional information:

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SIAC’s New Web Site

If you haven’t visited  SIAC’s refurbished web site, please give it a look. You can check it out at:

It was a no-brainer for us to bring our supporters better information and improve the design and layout for an easier browsing experience. We store a lot of information for the different stakeholders we support, and wanted to better target each with our educational and training materials.

New images, fewer “clicks” and clearer categories should all help visitors to the site get where they want to go more quickly and find what they want. That’s the purpose of our web site: to help you in your needs for alarm management materials and in working with your local communities to craft workable ordinances that succeed.

Our redesigned web site helps you in those goals. Don’t take our work for it. Click it. Spend some time looking around. Send feedback to Stan Martin,  We’re always looking to hear from you on how we can improve and better serve. Our new web site is a step in that direction.

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Welcome Chief Doug Davis to SIAC Team

Please welcome former Police Chief Doug Davis to the SIAC team. He will serve as one of our law enforcement liaisons for the eastern U.S. As he transitions and trains over the next several  months, he will work with Glen Mowrey, who has shifted to part-time in his role as Law Enforcement Liaison. Our plan is to spread the east coast duties between Doug and Glen.

We are extremely pleased to have Doug on board. He has a wide range of experience, not only as the Police Chief of Waynesboro, VA for eight years, but in other law enforcement positions heading back to when he joined the police force in 1977. Most recently, Doug has been an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Criminal Justice Program at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA.

Picture of Doug Davis

Doug has written extensively on many crime-related issues, has a strong network with law enforcement across the U.S., and is integrally involved in multiple professional organizations connected to law enforcement. His long service, communication skills and unique insights based on direct experience will help SIAC continue to work closely with law enforcement officials and provide the security industry and SIAC with insider perspective on better ways to find alarm management solutions.

Beyond his resume, Doug is personable, committed and interested in making a positive difference in applying the best alarm management techniques while working closely with local communities. The addition of Doug to the team will eventually allow Glen to lighten the tremendous load he has carried for so many years.

Welcome aboard, Doug. We are glad to have you with us, and look forward to further enhancing our relationships with law enforcement across the U.S.

Doug can be reached at 540.470.0017.

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SIAC Board Chairman Kirk MacDowell’s Message to Industry Stakeholders

January 6, 2021

SIAC continues to promote the Model Ordinance, along with Alarm Management Committees, while participating in police and sheriff state and national meetings. This keeps our leadership contacts and network in place — a large ongoing part of our mission.

Attached below is the chairman’s message that I would like to share.
 A strong thanks to all individuals, companies, associations and organizations for their support of SIAC. We keep an “open door” to anyone who wishes to express suggestions for improvement. Here is my full message:

Happy 2021 to us all!  I’ve been chair for a year, although Stan may feel like it’s been closer to seven.  At the beginning of my term, I asked the board and staff to tackle, resolve and accomplish — over the next two years — the following. 

  1. Funding – As the industry consolidates with acquisitions, so does funding.  We’ll develop a strategy that keeps our Chiefs on the streets! 
  2. Enhancing SIAC’s relevancy to industry, Law Enforcement, and stakeholders — As I have said publicly, SIAC’s successes are not always touted, but significant. I understand that sometimes the work SIAC does cannot be shouted from the mountain tops, but we need a way to continually acknowledge our dedicated team’s effort and acknowledge our wins and admit when we could have done better.  Be prepared for a renewed focus and industry acknowledgement for what SIAC does and how we deliver that message.  If we hit hard on this, our fundraising activities will be a bit easier to accomplish.  

Here is a quick review of what we accomplished in 2020.

Funding (and let me add cost controls and 2021 budget)

  • Stan and team have done an absolute outstanding job of holding expenses in check.
  • Existing donors have given as much as they feel that they could afford, and for this, I am eternally grateful. 
  • We were able to reconnect with past alarm company donors, who had gone silent, and they responded – most have honored their 2020 commitment.
  • A special Chair thank you to Resideo, which stepped up and prepaid their $100,000 donation for 2021.    Truly remarkable.  Thank you Keith for carrying the torch.  
  • Stan and Tim Creenan, SIAC’s treasurer, put together a 2021 budget that took a multitude of meetings, debates and compromises.  The board acknowledged their effort and approved the 2021 budget unanimously. 
  • SIAC ended the year with revenue at $667K (78% of the budgeted $859k), with expenses at only $681K. Bottom line SIAC essentially broke even for a very challenging year using only $14k from its reserve.

Enhancing SIAC’s relevancy to industry, Law Enforcement, and stakeholders

  • SIAC’s marketing group chaired by Board member Brandon Freedman was tasked with a complete web site revamp.  Brandon solicited proposals, negotiated a contract with our existing Public Relations firm; Margulies Communications and the team got right to work.  The site was launched in December 2020.  Great work! 
  • As Glen moves to part time, we retained a new Chief, Doug Davis, who is working closely with Glen via Zoom to get up to speed.
  • Our Chiefs and Stan haven’t missed a beat and continue to meet regularly  with municipalities across the nation.  Keep up the excellent work Chiefs. 
  • Board Member Holly Borgmann suggested that SIAC should continue to review SIAC’s mission, which is critical, and I couldn’t agree more.  Technology is changing quickly, and we need to make sure that our mission is in sync with our changing security world. A task force chaired by Board members Keith Baird and Tony Mucci has been established to tackle this issue.  They have convened a who’s who group to assist. 

I am so proud of this team, volunteers and staff.  No one missed a beat.  We simply adjusted to our world and continued to provide the level of services that we have all come to expect from SIAC. 

Thank you all for your continued support of SIAC and our Industry.

Kirk MacDowell

Chairman, SIAC

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Urgent Message from National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to Alarm Companies

(Editor’s note: The attached announcement regarding changes needed to be made by Burglar and Fire Alarm Companies in preparation for the nationwide implementation of 988 as the 3-digit abbreviated dialing code for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The message comes from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – NANPA.)

It is imperative that alarm companies reprogram alarm panels in customers’ premises if they currently are programed to dial out seven digits to reach the alarm monitoring bureau.  If they are dialing out seven digits now, they must be re-programed to dial out a ten-digit number which includes the area code plus telephone number.  Such updates or reprogramming must occur between April 24, 2021 and October 24, 2021 (the permissive dialing period).  Starting these efforts before April 24, 2021 may result in failed calls if permissive 10-digit dialing has not yet been implemented.The changes need to be completed by October 24, 2021.

No change is needed if the alarm panels are currently dialing out ten-digits, or if they are dialing out a toll free number (800, 888, 844, etc.) to reach the alarm monitoring bureau.

We need your assistance in notifying alarm companies in 37 states and 83 area codes about the transition from 7-digit to 10-digit local dialing.  Any assistance in notifying your membership would be appreciated. 

Additional information about this transition on the NANPA website at

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Morris Weinstock Award Goes to Bud Wulforst

ESA recently presented the annual Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year award to Howard Edward “Bud” Wulforst. SIAC congratulates Bud on this lifetime achievement. The Weinstock Award recognizes a lifetime of achievement in the security industry.

As a supporter of quality alarm management standards, Bud has been actively engaged in security issues during his career, starting back in the 1970s, when he became involved with the precursor to ESA – the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA). He also contributed to the New York Burglar and Fire Alarm Association at the same time.

Wulforst also joine The Monitoring Association (TMA), ascending to the presidency in 2007-2009, and continuing to serve on TMA’s board since then. We know Bud as a focused problem solver. He digs into issues and works within our industry to propel solutions.

SIAC is proud to offer our congratulations to Bud on this much-deserved honor. His service to our industry throughout the years serves as a positive leadership and role model for others to follow.

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