SSI Hall of Fame Includes De Marco, Guilbeau, Lenander, Others

SSI announced its honor roll recently for their Hall of Fame 2020, including George De Marco, Merlin Guilbeau and Jerry Lenander, along with several other industry stalwarts. Individuals are honored for their work protecting people, property and assets associated with life-and-death consequences.


The latest Hall of Fame inductees, in alphabetical order, are: George De Marco, currently managing partner of DECO Ventures; Rod Garner (deceased), former president/CEO of Mountain Alarm; Merlin Guilbeau, CEO of the Electronic Security Association; Jeff Kessler, managing director of research for Imperial Capital; Richard Kleinman, president/CO, AFA Protective Systems; Jerry Lenander, executive director, California Alarm Association; and Michael Marks, co-founder of Perennial Software and SedonaOffice.


SIAC salutes these individuals for their positive impact and contributions to our industry, and SSI for recognizing their efforts. We believe these types of recognitions advance the professionalism of our industry and are important in raising standards and visibility of improving alarm management standards.


Founded in 2004 to represent the highest accolade for going above and beyond in professionalism, conduct and achievement, the SSI Industry Hall of Fame annually inducts new members as part of the SAMMY Awards gala the eve of ISC West.

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IQ as Part of The Monitoring Association

Several weeks back we wrote about the Installation Quality (IQ) program becoming part of The Monitoring Association (TMA). It’s a good move and one we here at SIAC support. Better installations are good for everyone in the electronic security association.


Quality control is important in all industries. Whether you’re making alarm system equipment or personal protective gear, the importance of strong standards and adherence to them says a lot about the industry. With COVID-19 dominating the news, we see certain types of industries more heavily hit by the virus. They will have to develop more stringent standards to protect their employees and the communities in which they operate.


That’s a metaphor for demonstrating why standards get put in place. The IQ program initially evolved out of the Electronic Security Association’s (ESA) False Alarm Committee. Its basic mission was to help the security industry properly design, install and monitoring equipment for the industry. It developed because some of the standards weren’t where they should be. So the industry adjusted.


That mission fits strongly with TMA. TMA works diligently to set high operating standards for the monitoring industry. IQ is in direct alignment with that. TMA has the platform to expand IQ’s reach, and ensure more companies in the security industry apply the best possible technology.

For those like us here at SIAC, who work to improve alarm management standards, that helps with our education process. The important message driven by TMA will help us all.

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Online vs. In-Person

Like so many of you, we’re continuing to adapt to the ongoing work /family communication challenges as COVID changes our routines. We’re advocating and attending online meetings, sending more emails and making more phone calls.  New opportunities to expand web-conferencing skills, get overdue training accomplished and freshen up dated documents!

There are no easy answers for anyone in leadership positions today in regards to COVID-19. Leave social isolation too soon and you will be criticized. Human health and protection must be emphasized in all that we do in our industry, and at SIAC we respect and emphasize that.

web conferencing

For now, in this rapidly-changing environment, know that SIAC is here for your resource, information, and education needs regarding alarm management issues. We can connect online. We’ll get materials to you for any local campaigns. We remain vigilant and responsive through email, phone or texting. Know that you can reach out to us and we will get you answers. That’s our job and we take it seriously.

For the foreseeable ensuing 5-6 weeks, it appears the answer to the question of whether to meet online vs. in-person will fall into the “online” side of the ledger. Like you, we will continue monitoring the announcements of our federal, state and health officials in the coming weeks and continue to adapt as necessary. For all our contact information, click here to reach our staff.
Who knows what the new normal will be later this year and into next.  I think we can all agree it probably won’t be the same as in the past.  We must embrace the changes and make the best of it.

Stay safe, and support each other.

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Security in a Time of Disruption

Much has been written about the disruptions caused by the coronavirus and its impacts on businesses around the globe, including ours – the electronic security industry. SIAC lends its voice to everyone in the industry to remember to operate safely and follow prescribed state and federal guidelines. Our industry protects lives. It is incumbent on each of us to do everything in our power to take all necessary precautions.


Remember that here at SIAC we are here to help, and if you have local or state need for our expert alarm management services, we are here for you at no charge. Interestingly, we have found that some jurisdictions have suspended alarm fines as the virus rages. Our state activity report is a good resource for you to stay up-to-speed on those types of issues.

isc west

1)ISC West dates have changed again – “Given the continually evolving COVID-19 pandemic and stay at home guidelines, the July dates are no longer viable. It is now set for October 5-8.”
2) On March 28, 2020 the U.S Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Administration (CISA) released the Administration’s updated “Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce” for identifying “essential critical infrastructure workers.”  Please note, under the “Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Other First Responders” category. The guidelines were updated on March 28th:
•    Workers – including contracted vendors — who maintain, manufacture, or supply equipment and services supporting law enforcement emergency service and response operations (to include electronic security and life safety security personnel).

In other recent news, SIAC’s Glen Mowry received the North Carolina Association Chiefs of Police “Outstanding Partnership Award.” Glen has consistently built bridges with law enforcement over the years, and we couldn’t be prouder of him receiving this award recognizing his ongoing efforts in advancing issues with the law enforcement community. Thank you, Glen!


For those of you not aware, we have a new Advisory Board, which has met via teleconference. They have confirmed the selection of Keith Baird/Resideo and Tony Mucci/Johnson Controls as their representatives to the SIAC Board for this year. Other current contributors who also qualify for the council include:

Doug Bassett/Comcast
Larry Folsom/I-View representing ADT
David Carter/NetOne
Tom Few/Vivint


We’re thankful for all their contributions and input in keeping SIAC vibrant and addressing the most important alarm management issues we face as an industry.


Finally, we also wanted to point out that The Monitoring Association (TMA) acquired the IQ Certification program. For additional information, contact TMA Executive Director Celia Besore by email at or by phone at 703.660.4913.


Stay safe out there!


  • Stan Martin –
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Text Messaging Takes Off

Alarm system owners are more and more embracing text messaging as a means of being contacted by monitoring centers after a signal is received there. This is good for the electronic security industry, as it can alert the customer more quickly, reduce potential errors when a message is relayed by voice, and help reduce unnecessary alarm dispatches by clearing up the situation.


One cause of alarm dispatches can be the inability of the monitoring center to reach the customer (and members of their call list) and alert them to the breach. Rather than potentially having to make multiple calls to the list, a text message can be sent to all the phone numbers at once. That’s efficient and makes sense.

rapid response

Rapid Response Monitoring (RRM) recently reported that though the use of text messaging to call lists, the response from customers is 70 percent, compared to 30 percent previously through answering of phone calls from the monitoring center. RRM is looking to significantly reduce alarm dispatches through this improved customer communication by developing what they call “rapidSMS.”


RapidSMS is a service that notifies customers instantly of an alarm, providing an app-like experience via a text message. It allows the recipient to make critical decisions in real-time and take action quickly. No app is required and all mobile devices are fully supported.


With ISC West postponed due to the coronavirus, where they had previously planned to present rapidSMS, RRM now plans to host a digital premiere event on April 2. SIAC believes this is an excellent event to put on your calendar. It’s another positive step in the evolution of improving alarm management that we support. The call is April 2 a 2 p.m. EDT. Go to to find additional details.

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15th Annual Police Dispatch Quality Award

Security companies and law enforcement agencies work together as partners, sharing information and communicating frequently to protect public safety and serve their communities. The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR), and Security Sales Integration created the Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) program to promote cooperative best practices, reduce unnecessary dispatches and give officers the most complete information when responding to alarms.

  • New simpler application process
  • Winner receives cover page/featured article in SSI
  • Presentation at ESX in Nashville in front of peers at the SIAC Breakfast on Friday, June 12, where the current IACP President will be addressing the attendees.


We are looking for companies that exemplify an all-out effort to reduce false alarms from implementing ECC (Enhanced Call Confirmation) and other features known to reduce alarm dispatches, training customers and working closely with law enforcement. The best overall collaboration will be honored with the 15th Annual North American PDQ Award, which is also endorsed by the Installation Quality (IQ) Certification Program.

PDQ 19

  • The winning security company will be able to participate in the award ceremony during June’s Electronic Security Expo (ESX) in Nashville, Tenn.
  • Installing and /or monitoring alarm dealers in the U.S. and Canada must submit a completed application in PDF format via email an application to SIAC postmarked by April 30, 2020
  • Outstanding program ideas will be featured in Security Sales Integration magazine, in security association publications and their Web sites, and at ESX 2020.
  • Security companies and local police officials should meet now to form partnerships in public safety.

PDQ 20

Download an application and the judging criteria package at

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Consolidation Reduces Funding

It’s no secret to most of you in the electronic security industry that consolidation dries up funds for non-profit and association activities that support our industry. This trend has been significant the past 6-8 years. State and national associations reliant on contributions have found fewer sources of funding available.

That provides challenges for us here at SIAC, as well as organizations and associations that serve our industry. Not only is the total amount of potential donations reduced, but there can be greater competition for the funding that companies make available as part of their annual mission to keep these non-profits entities healthy.


What’s to be done? We’ve focused on a number of newer avenues that past five years or so. Our approach continues to be finding other alternatives to get SIAC’s work in front of others so companies understand our value to the security industry.


First and foremost, from SIAC’s perspective, we want to continue our service to the industry without depleting any assets, whether those be financial or human. We recently put together a Financial Working Group, headed by long-term industry leader Tim Creenan. He and his group will look into innovative ways to secure longer term funding.


We emphasize the phrase “long-term.” Short-term funding is more of a “band-aid.” Long-term means we can map out the solutions and investments necessary for us to provide education and information materials, as well as on-the-ground support to local and state associations who need our help to fight onerous alarm ordinances.


Tim and the Working Group will research alternatives. Meetings have begun. We expect to have an expanded advisory counsel also looking at alternative funding opportunities, including endowments and grants. Quite frankly, if you have ideas to help us on this front and believe in SIAC’s mission, please reach out to Stan Martin direction at We need your engagement.

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