No More Flying Goats

This exclusive intellectual selection contributed by Dave Simon.

“Don’t fly with goats.” That’s our new motto.

We cover serious issues for the most part in our weekly blog, but every once in awhile, it’s a good idea to shake things up. That’s why we now encourage all our readers to avoid flying with goats. Here’s why:
A recent account in USA TODAY revealed how 2,186 gassy goats were blamed for a false smoke alarm, diverting a flight from Adelaide, Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The plane landed in Bali.

Imagine if there had been a spark or flame. Could this have been another situation where a plane was mysteriously lost?

This was the false alarm of all false alarms, and that’s it, no more goats on our flights. We’re checking for the gassy guests every time we board now. “Sir, we just wanted to know if you have any goats on board,” we’ll ask the pilot about entering. Once reassured, we will relax, get some reading done and settle in for a snooze.

According to the Aviation Herald, the gas produced by those aromatic farm animals was enough to trigger the smoke alarms on the Boeing 747 freighter plane. Actually, we should all be reassured by what happened in this situation – the smoke alarm did its job the way it was supposed to, and the pilot reacted accordingly, ensuring the safety of the plane, cargo and passengers. The airline was unable to validate the claim that it was the methane produced by the goats’ digestion that set off the alarm, but we’re glad everyone played it safe.


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Retired FBI Agent Bob Pence Joins SIAC

We are pleased to announce that Bob Pence (retired FBI) officially joined the SIAC team November 1st. Many of us have known and worked with Bob for many years now. We see him at virtually every law enforcement meeting we attend (typically representing another client).

Though his primary focus for SIAC will be Colorado, where he resides, he has a vast network of law enforcement contacts, expanding and enhancing those that Glen Mowrey brings to us. As with retired chiefs Tom Sweeney and Chuck Brobeck, Bob will act as a SIAC representative for select opportunities.
bob pence
During 30 years with the FBI, Bob served in a number of supervisory and executive positions, retiring as the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of FBI offices in the Rocky Mountain states with Division Headquarters in Denver. Since retirement he has traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad as a speaker and law enforcement consultant in matters involving crime and terrorism. Bob has also served as a media consultant to national TV networks and local media organizations, appearing frequently in matters dealing with public safety issues.

Bob is a member of the FBI National Executive Institute (NEI), International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), as well as law enforcement associations in several states. He also serves and has served on a variety of charity, foundation, and law enforcement boards, committees, and councils, including Colorado’s Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board. He co-chairs the Technical Assistance Committee for the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police and has represented Colorado on the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice, which advises the Department of Justice, President and Congress on juvenile issues. He is also a Past National Chair of the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, which is headquartered in Washington, DC.

As a member of the Law Enforcement Liaison Council for the American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS), Bob works on partnership initiatives to bring closer cooperation between the public and private security sectors in the interest of better public safety. In further involvement with the private sector, he serves as an advisor and consultant to certain corporations specializing in public safety products and services. He is a member of the International Speakers Network and past member of the National Speakers Association. SIAC is proud to have Bob join our team and help us continuing building stronger public-private liaisons throughout the country.

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SIAC’s Service to the National Sheriffs Association

Recently, Stan Martin was reappointed by the National Sheriffs Association (NSA) to serve on their Crime Prevention/Private Security Committee. We are proud to receive that appointment and honored that NSA continues to seek our voice to contribute on these issues. Stan’s selection speaks loudly about the important work he does by providing perspective from the electronic security industry to NSA on the issues considered by the committee.

NSA President, Sheriff Danny Glick, sent a letter to Stan, letting him know about the appointment. The appointments are made each year under the President’s discretion. Glick set up a new committee reformation that he outlined, “which will allow us to operate our committees more effectively while at the same time reducing NSA’s costs and utilizing staff resources more efficiently.”
SIAC’s relationship with NSA, along with other law enforcement associations, allows us to bring the voice of the electronic security industry to the table. We add that voice as directives and policies are discussed – another important way we serve our industry. We cannot continue this type of work without your contributions. As a non-profit organization, SIAC relies on your donations. Please click here to consider helping us maintain this valuable work:

Next year, we will be at the NSA Winter Conference in February to share our perspective from the electronic security industry, and listen to what’s new from the NSA. We believe that benefits both groups in our collective goal to ensure better protection of neighborhoods.

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Ron Walters Sited in California

Our SIAC Staff handle alarm management issues anywhere across North America. You’ll find us at conferences, state and national association meetings, and where local ordinance issues need our expertise. Sometimes we must fly to get there. Because we are a non-profit organization, we take every step possible to keep our traveling costs down. As much as possible, we have our staff members deal with geographic regions closest to them to keep expenses down and to use our contributors’ money wisely.

Over the summer, Ron Walters, our alarm ordinance expert, relocated to Southern California. Previously he lived near Fort Lauderdale, FL, so his attendance at meetings/conferences was frequently at sessions in the Southeast part of the U.S.

For those of you out West, you may find Ron in attendance out your way. There is a lot of work in California, both at the state level, and a number of cities where we are working with the electronic security industry to improve alarm ordinance provisions. We cannot continue this work without the help of our donors. Please take a minute to consider a SIAC donation that helps both the industry and your own business, by clicking here: We appreciate your support.

Ron is available to assist with SIAC efforts on the West Coast and will be working more closely with the California Alarm Association and other western ESA (Electronic Security Association) chapters. Expect to see Ron at more meetings in southern California – some relief for Jon Sargent, who has handled the entire state for more than two decades. Go get ‘em guys!

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SIAC Sponsors at Major County Sheriffs’ Association

Over the years, one of our most important outreach efforts continues to be meeting with law enforcement at their annual meetings. We talk face-to-face with officials, attend meetings that are crucial to the security industry, and sponsor specific events to help gain greater visibility on issues of importance to our industry.

Just last month, for example, SIAC sponsored the Major County Sheriffs’ Association (MCSA) luncheon in Mackinac Island, Michigan. MCSA is represented through elected sheriffs representing counties or parishes with a population of 500,000 or more.
MCSA works to promote a greater understanding of law enforcement strategies to address future problems and identify law enforcement challenges facing the members of our organization. The organization also aggressively pursues the development of innovative education along with prevention and enforcement strategies and programs.

Because SIAC’s mission to improve alarm management practices is tightly connected to sheriff departments, our active participation helps us foster greater understanding of the issues faced by the electronic security industry. It’s only because of our contributors that we are able to keep up this important work. Please click here — — to consider a SIAC donation.

At the MCSA event, we were able to connect with many officials, hand out literature, hold one-on-one conversations and share SIAC materials with all attendees. We’re proud to represent the electronic security industry at these association meetings to build bridges, foster good relationships and share positive steps companies are taking to improve how alarms are managed.

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Florida Chiefs Honor Glen Mowrey

The Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) last month honored the Security Industry Alarm Coalition’s (SIAC) Glen Mowrey with its Annual Appreciation Award for his work in establishing the Florida Alarm Management Committee. Glen serves as law enforcement liaison for SIAC, and is a retired Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina, deputy police chief. Glen has been helping SIAC in this endeavor for well over 10 years, and we’re proud to see him honored in this way, and his efforts rewarded publicly.

FPCA President, Chief Frank Kitzerow, had this to say about Glen and his work: “In 2005, Mowrey recommended and encouraged the FPCA to establish an Alarm Management Committee. Since establishing the committee, its successes include developing a Model Alarm Ordinance, conducting alarm management seminars, working to have Enhanced Call Verification enacted as a state law, as well as working with police agencies in developing alarm management programs using the FPCA Model Ordinance.”
Kitzerow continued: “The success of the committee led to the establishing of FPCA Public-Private Partnership (3-Ps) Committee, made up of 36 members from public safety, SIAC, and the private sector. The 3-Ps has several subcommittees including Alarm Management, Retail, Banking, Tourism and Hospitality, Theft of Electricity and Copper Wire, and Security Guard Services.”

He added: “SIAC and Glen have been true partners in helping law enforcement better protect and serve our citizens, keeping up with the fast-paced changes in technology, and providing proven best practices for alarm management. The Florida committee is a model that works in states and could be adopted nationwide.”
SIAC is able to send Glen to Florida and many other states only because of donations from our contributors. We cannot continue this work without you. Please click here to consider a donation:

The FPCA is the third largest state police chiefs association in the nation and is composed of more than 900 of the state’s top law enforcement executives. FPCA serves municipal police departments, airport police, college and university police, private business and security firms, as well as federal, state and county law enforcement agencies. The FPCA has members representing every region of the state. For more information visit

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Monitoring Made Better by CSAA

(Editor’s Note: This is the final part in our series on the associations that came together to create SIAC.)

The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) makes monitoring better. As one of SIAC’s signature founding parties, along with the Electronic Security Association, Security Industry Association and Canadian Security Association), CSAA’s contributions to the security industry uniquely address issues facing central station monitoring facilities. CSAA was created to provide these companies with an umbrella to cover the special training, regulatory issues, challenges and requirements they face. Their goal is to make monitoring better for the industry, and its customers. They’ve succeeded.
Over the years, we have sung the praises of many CSAA programs, from their Five Diamond Certification program, to their work on the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) and putting together their annual meeting to inform and educate members on key trends. CSAA gets out in front of the issues, digs into the information, frames the discussion for its members and takes positive action.

Because they have the experience, expertise and staff necessary to research and analyze trends and provide reports to the monitoring side of our industry, CSAA is positioned to help members successfully grow. On the alarm monitoring subject, we are thankful for CSAA’s ongoing effort to update the CS-V-01 standard, and their work on ASAP (see our recent blog on the subject). Alarm monitoring is more consistent and has fewer errors because of CSAA’s ongoing commitment to improve the methods employed by the industry.

Two of CSAA’s major goals include alarm dispatch reduction and the development of industry standards to assure optimum central station performance levels. Both of these benefit SIAC’s mission by helping improve monitoring station performance relative to the response of central station operators to alarms. We appreciate CSAA’s contributions, and fully recognize that our success would be diminished without CSAA’s efforts. For more information on CSAA, go to:

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