Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois and Canada

Every two weeks, SIAC puts together an activity report. It details meetings with law enforcement, ordinances we’ve written and presentations made to alarm associations, among many other ongoing projects. Browsing the most recent report is telling.

What stands out is the breadth of where SIAC’s staff engages to help companies in the electronic security industry and the associations that represent our industry. We are asked frequently to attend meetings and use our experience to contribute language that improves local alarm ordinances.  Those requests and our involvement occur across North America.


Looking at the most recent report, you find Steve Keefer working in Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. We see Jon Sargent handling details in Calgary, Edmonton and Quebec City in Canada, as well as Aspen, CO and East St. Louis, IL.  We cover jurisdictions large and small for you, across both Canada and the U.S. Glen Mowrey travels to meet police chiefs across the eastern seaboard and upper Midwest. Tom Sweeney attends key police association meetings throughout the northeast.

Our attendance and participation in these meeting serve our contributors as we use our knowledge, experience and connections to smooth out divisive issues. We contribute ideas and information that help the security industry’s business models, and local jurisdictions better handle alarm management issues.

By capturing our activities every two weeks, we get a clear picture of how we’re helping you and where the trouble spots are. SIAC then identifies what are the next best steps to ensure the most effective alarm response policies are implemented locally. Our report helps us prioritize. It also ensures we’re doing our job. We know that’s important so our supporters see the continual value we provide.

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What’s New Around the States

What’s new in your state? Where do you find information about permit requirements or alarm ordinances that affect you and your customers? If you are a member of your local or state alarm association, you should get updates from them. If not, we suggest you give SIAC at 972.377.9401 and we can attend a future meeting to give you a roundup not only for your area, but what is happening in terms of alarm management practices across North America.

Sometimes it’s that simple. We’ll come to your association meeting and help you out. But staying on top of these types of requirements on a regular basis is important to how you run your business, and ultimately your bottom line.


SIAC provides you free of charge regular weekly updates on the State Activity Report section of our Web site. Contact Stan Martin to gain access, by emailing him at: The report contains breaking news gathered by SIAC staff and through other news sources, and is one more way we consistently serve companies in the electronic security industry. Sign up here and click “Need Access?”.

If you don’t follow new police requirements for customers to register alarms, you and your customers could be breaking local law. We are not fear mongers, but we do believe it’s important for all businesses in our industry to operate under the correct rules and regulations. We help you do that. Then, you are following the law, doing the right things for your customers, and giving your company a leg up on the competition – a selling point to use during your prospecting.

Let us know how we can help you.

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Keeping up with Security Trends from ISC West

When you return from business trips, do you reflect afterwards? Do you read through the notes you wrote down and take action on key points or follow up with colleagues to better build your business? If not, we recommend that you set aside time for this type of reflection. Your business will improve because of it.


Two weeks ago at ISC West, several members of our SIAC team joined and participated in committee meetings and connected with association and industry colleagues. Those connections served an important function to keep us in close touch with those we serve. At the same time, there was more gained from the event.

ISC West

When you walk the floor at ISC West, regardless of how many years you’ve attended, you are struck by the awesome size of the convention and how many vendors attend. It never ceases to surprise us how many businesses there are in our industry. You can forget that. You can also forget the constantly changing face of technology. ISC West reminds you of that fact as well.


It’s when you return ISC West though and you reflect back on all that went on that you are struck by the opportunities for so many businesses to build successful models. Entrepreneurs, small-, mid- and large-sized businesses all flock to the event, and there are niche opportunities for all. We still see growth in the electronic security market. That stands out when you get back home – how many people still look at our industry and say, “There’s an opportunity here.”


We like that. SIAC believes that’s an important reminder for those of us who’ve been around the industry for awhile. What do you reflect on when you look back on ISC West? We hope you gained a new business insight, a market opportunity or even the nugget of an idea to influence your business model in a positive way. We did.

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Alarm Management Committees Work for the Security Industry AND Law Enforcement

Progress continues in creating state-by-state alarm management committees. As SIAC’s mission adapts to new issues, our job becomes more proactive. One of our major proactive actions is working with security industry and law enforcement officials to create these committees to help better manage alarms. This ensures a seat at the table for all parties, and that each voice is heard.


Our staff – particularly Glen Mowrey, Tom Sweeney and Steve Keefer – work diligently to grease the skids for these committees, share information and bring parties together to get started. This takes time, connections and constant effort. Because of their hard work, we have strong results to show.


For example, we currently have 15 established committees in the following states: Tennessee; Connecticut; Florida, Virginia; Texas; Georgia; Minnesota; South Carolina; North Carolina; Michigan; Ohio; Mississippi; Alabama; Oklahoma; and Indiana. Some of the committees are not as strong or active as we would like, but most are vibrant, and the important point is that the security industry and law enforcement are working together.


In four other states, SIAC is in various stages of helping to get committees started. They include: Nevada; Utah; Pennsylvania; and Illinois.  That’s not all. Tom Sweeney, in the Northeast part of the U.S., is on a tear, meeting with officials to introduce and push the concept.


Just recently, he met with key law enforcement leaders in Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Those are high population states with many jurisdictions. Establishing successful alarm management committees will go a long way for our industry in ensuring consistent law enforcement response and fair alarm ordinances on the books. That benefits your company and frees you up to focus on running your business.


We are there to serve electronic security industry on this issue and many more. As a non-profit entity, SIAC needs your contributions. Check out our Donate button.

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The SIAC Newsletter is Here!

This week, we are excited to send out our first SIAC electronic newsletter. Be forewarned: It will not be long. We know you are busy. You have a business to run, bills to pay, customers to keep happy. But we also want to give you another avenue to stay up-to-date with our SIAC activities.


You may just want to glance at the headlines to get a quick sense of the information we share. You may want to click on a link of two (we hope), or maybe hit the “Donate” button and send us a contribution (we doubly hope). Regardless, we triply hope the newsletter provides you some additional value and keeps you informed.

Prof Pic

Recently, for example, we’ve updated the status on the number of alarm management committees we’ve helped establish across the U.S. These committees bring together leaders from the electronic security industry and law enforcement at the state level. The goal is to work together to make sensible changes to alarm ordinances.


Fifteen alarm management committees have been created, and four more are in progress. That’s due to the hard work of Glenn Mowrey and other SIAC staff, along with law enforcement officials across the country. We’re there laying the foundation so that you can focus on running your business.


Our newsletter will give you a better taste of what we do month-in and month-out. We want your feedback. We’d like any ideas for stories. Send them to or Keep us posted so we can keep you posted. Enjoy the read.

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Community Policing


What’s it like to walk, ride a bike or drive a car through the community as a police officer? You may have wondered at some point, and we have, too. What would you encounter? How much of the day is routine, and how much is taken up with a crisis?


You may not find all the answers in a one-day ride with a member of your local police force, but you would come away with a better understanding of what it takes to protect your community.  And it might help you in your security business and alarm management programs, if you happen to respond to any alarm calls during your ride.

community policing

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has a great program where you can take a virtual ride-along. It’s a neat virtual preview that goes through common scenarios of police work. Check it out here: We think it’s a great way to get a better sense of some of the decisions an officer must make during his/her daily activities.


A growing part of our role at SIAC is to build strong and sustainably solid relationships with law enforcement agencies across North America. Understanding their daily challenges helps us do a better job at that. We hope you take a look at the virtual ride, and believe you will be glad you di

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The People at Comcast XFINITY

It’s said that the people make a business. We’ve been blessed at SIAC to have many great companies and individuals support our cause, and work towards common goals. Over the past couple of years, we watched Comcast XFINITY not only enter the electronic security business, but also step forward to strongly support SIAC financially and with its people.


Comcast XFINITY is a top ten financial supporter of SIAC. When Comcast entered the security market, they quickly realized the importance of our effort and stepped up to the plate with a contribution that placed them in top ten supporters. With active participation and their financial support, it’s abundantly clear they are fully committed to SIAC and our industry.

As a non-profit entity, SIAC survives based on contributions made by donors. No less important though are the people who also step forward to help on the causes we work on. Comcast XFINITY, for example, has people like Doug Bassett, Roy Pollack and Doug Valenski, among others, who work hard and diligently day after day to make sure our industry is well-represented on issues faced at the local, state and national levels.


Our cause is improving alarm management practices and relationships with law enforcement. We share resources to accomplish this, and sometimes we cross into other areas to help out, similar to Comcast. Issues such as licensing, permitting, writing effective alarm ordinances and other legislation that affects security installations can all fall under our umbrella. We’ve found that Comcast shares its people and experience with us so we can better deal with all these issues, which can intertwine with SIAC’s mission.


There is strength in numbers. Comcast XFINITY has helped provide SIAC with additional strength through the sharing of key staff members on causes we work on. That makes it easier for us to do our job, and for this we are thankful to Comcast XFINITY, its staff, and others who step forward in their financial and resource support of our mission.

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