Thank You to John Stroia

SIAC thanks John Stroia for serving on our Board of Directors the past several years. As a representative for the Security Industry Association (SIA), John distinguished himself with his insights from the equipment and manufacturing side of the house, an important contribution to our program.

We are stronger as an association because of John’s leadership, insights and feedback. During his tenure as chairman of SIA, he was  a strong advocate for SIAC. Through his effort, many new players to our industry have learned about the work of SIAC and why we are worthy of their continued support.


Over the years, we have always been impressed with how John puts the security industry first. He looks out for others and supports high quality in products and services, while expecting the best from others. We are going to miss him.


John heads to Hamilton Safe Company as President. Most recently he served as Vice President of Sales Operations and Marketing for Giesecke and Devrient North America. He also spent a lengthy stint with Diebold. John is also is a board member and Immediate Past Chairman of the Board of SIA.


SIAC congratulates John on his new position and wishes him all the best.

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Moody Award Winner Glen Mowrey Exemplifies Leadership in Building Partnerships

Glen Mowrey exemplifies leadership in many ways. It’s a major reason SIAC selected him as the winner of the 2016 William Moody Award, given each year to a member of the security industry demonstrating leadership in alarm management solutions. With great passion, Glen’s mantra is about partnering. He brings law enforcement together with the electronic security industry to solve problems. He’s been successful over and over. That’s why we selected him for the award.


Glen’s successes didn’t come quickly or easily. They took time, with many months and often years put in working closely with different (and disparate) parties to forge successful relationships. His determination paid off repeatedly.


With 36 years in law enforcement (retiring as Deputy Chief of the Charlotte (NC) Police Department) and 12 years now with SIAC, Glen has worked both sides of the fence. He understands the demands and challenges facing law enforcement. And he recognizes and appreciates the value the security industry brings to the table. He merges these two backgrounds to help explain issues, devise coordinated solutions, and to open dialogues that might not have occurred without his input.


To cite but a few of Glen’s major accomplishment since donning his SIAC cap, we give you the following:

  • He created the concept of state Alarm Management Committees, bringing together law enforcement and security companies to work together on alarm management issues. To date, 15 committees have been established, providing progress and positive results.
  • He has worked withhundreds of agencies on alarm ordinances and management programs, sometimes helping those jurisdictions achieve 80 percent (or more) reductions in unnecessary alarm activations.
  • Glen was instrumental in helpingeducate law enforcement on the benefits and impact of Enhanced Call Verification (ECV), where two calls are placed to alarm customers before police are contacted. The procedure is widely credited with reducing calls for police response by up to 60 percent.

We could go on and on with Glen’s accomplishments and his awards. More importantly, Glen is someone you can count on, and someone who gets the job done. Those qualities define him. It’s why SIAC has made so much progress the past 15 years, and by extension why relationships are so much stronger today between law enforcement agencies and the security industry. When you have someone like Glen continuously traveling to national, state and local law enforcement meetings  year-round, alarm industry visibility and communication are going to improve. And there’s a lot to be said for making things better tomorrow than what they were today.
SIAC thanks Glen for his long-term tireless and effective contributions. The electronic security industry is fortunate to have him working on our behalf.

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ISC East Open for Registration

ISC East is open for registration. If you read this blog with any degree of regularity, then you’ve got a direct link to the security industry. That means you should consider attending ISC East this November in New York City. The dates are November 16-17.


Are you researching products for a new installation? Are you seeking new end-user clients? Are you looking to get educated on the newest technologies in the industry? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then ISC West is a good choice for your Fall conference.


Security dealers and installers, whether commercial or residential, will find training sessions to fit their needs. On the convention floor, you’ll find distributors and manufacturers displaying tools/supplies, wire/cable, video surveillance technology and more.


SIAC encourages you to attend. Yes, there are many conferences and conventions that cover the electronic security industry, and no company has a limitless budget. You must pick and choose wisely.  If the location is convenient to you, and your business is ready for some invigorating ideas, ISC East is a good choice.
We believe conferences like ISC East are also excellent venues to pick up new business ideas, network, and extend your client base. Put the programs to good use when you get back to your daily routine, and you’ll find your financial investment paying dividends.

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CSAA Continues to Look for Standards Experts

The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) is continuing to look for experts on a variety of standards. The positions will sit on their Emerging Technologies Committee, which is a division of its standards committee.

In particular, the committee is looking to land individuals who are knowledgeable about GPS/mobile services including mPERS, active shooter systems, video technology, telehealth, home automation and mass notification systems. Contact Morgan Hertel of Rapid Response Monitoring, and who chairs the subcommittee, if you are interested in participating.

security expert

SIAC encourages this type of participation to ensure new standards are aired through a diverse set of participants. That encourages dialogue and ensures stakeholders – from the different segments of the security industry to emergency responders like police and fire departments – are best represented in the process and through implementation.


In addition to those areas noted above, CSAA is also seeking experts from PSAPs, fire and medical services, and law enforcement, as well as those in the monitoring industry. SIAC has participated regularly in CSAA forums throughout the years and we encourage qualified individuals to step forward. Participation ensures your voice is heard. That’s important for individual companies and for our industry as a whole, as we continue to raise the bar on equipment and technology.

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What Keeps You up at Night?

What keeps you up at night? Is it the pace of change in the security industry or the need to examine and adopt new technologies? Do you lose sleep thinking about finding the right employees to fit your business model? We all have worries and challenges. Though ours are a bit different than those of a company in the security industry, we have our share of concerns regarding SIAC’s mission and how that affects our supporters. They include:

  • Continuing to develop funding sources to meet increasing requests from law enforcement
  • Heading off local policies and ordinances that place fines on security companies
  • Finding key law enforcement officials to work with on alarm management committees and to develop quality local ordinances
  • Driving our message to more businesses in the electronic security industry
  • Working with other organizations to prepare the next generation of leaders on alarm management issues and other concerns the security industry faces in the years ahead

We could expand on that list, similar to any company, digging into details or adding more bullet points. But these are some of the broader strokes that affect us regularly and drive how we allocate our resources. The bottom line for SIAC is this: Continuing to build on our successes so that alarms are managed properly and problems that could affect the electronic security industry are dealt with proactively and swiftly.

sleepless night

Sometimes companies can become victims of their successes. There are individuals and companies who if they do their jobs properly, work themselves out of their role. Over the past 15 years, SIAC has had many successes, which can lead others to think our role is lesser today. Perhaps that should be the sixth bullet that keeps us up at night.

It is certainly a concern for us, but at the same time we believe our mission has never been more important to the security industry. As we continue improving relationships with law enforcement, refining our approach on alarm ordinances and applying proven successes to new communities, every company in our industry benefits. Our image improves, and you have another selling point for customers – stronger support from communities and customers because we’ve helped raise the bar on alarm management practices.

If you already support SIAC, thank you, and we look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead. If you’d like to consider a contribution, please click here. With your support, we can sleep a little easier.

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Success Again in Boulder, CO

Back in the 2005-2006 time period, Ron Walters led SIAC, the alarm industry, and law enforcement to a great success in Boulder, CO. At that time, we were just beginning to refine our efforts with police departments across North America, and Ron’s connections and leadership helped us work locally to implement new provisions of two-call verification, also called ECV (Enhanced Call Verification).
Very quickly, these new provisions worked effectively, reducing the number of calls police responded to from alarms by approximately 60 percent. You can find some of our similar success stories here, but the point we want to make in today’s blog is that policies and ordinances do NOT remain static. Circumstances change. New information emerges. Refinements take place.


That’s a reason we are proud to say SIAC has stepped up again in Boulder to help with a new ordinance that adds additional provisions from our model ordinance package. That means the city should get additional benefits by seeing further reductions in unnecessary alarm activations, and reduced demands on police resources.


Permits will be required for alarm users starting in March 2017. There will also be a tiered fine schedule for those who pull false alarms frequently. Second violations will cost individuals $100, all the way up to $450 for fifth and any subsequent violations.


We expect these changes to continue to help the community, the police department and the alarm industry. They refined the old model, looked at what works well elsewhere, and implemented new provisions to improve on the old standard.  We’re proud to be part of the solution, representing the alarm industry.

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APCO’s Annual Conference in August

APCO (Association of Public Communications Officials) will hold its annual conference in August in Orlando, FL this year. They feature a strong dose of ASAP information (Alarm System Automated Protocol). SIAC encourages you to consider attending to learn more about how ASAP can help improve police response to alarms in terms of effectiveness and speed. Learning more about ASAP allows you to work on this issue locally with law enforcement officials.


APCO, CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association) and Nlets (National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System) collaborate to bring ASAP to municipalities across the country. Active engagement by the alarm industry is extremely helpful in this effort. That must come from individuals and companies. Many leaders have stepped forward, but more are necessary if we are to see this important and effective growing trend take a stronger hold in many more jurisdictions.


At the APCO conference, you will be able to meet directly to talk with CSAA officials at their booth. In addition to that, there will be a key session, “ASAP: A Win-Win No-Brainer for Public Safety and the Alarm Industry,” Wednesday, August 17.


Speakers include Bill Hobgood, a subject matter expert on ASAP, Boca Raton’s Cindy Cevallos, CSAA Executive Director Jay Hauhn, and Duff Wheeler, representing Houston’s Emergency Center. They will describe the agencies that participate in the program, project implementation outcomes, and show a demo. Participants will see how the program reduces 9-1-1 processing and response times to alarm events while eliminating telephone calls, miscommunication errors , between alarm monitoring companies and 9-1-1 PSAPs. It’s a great learning opportunity for companies and individuals in our industry. Check it out here.


More than 20 PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) now use ASAP. More are in the works. See how you can help.

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