ISC West Coming Soon

ISC West is almost here, beginning with some industry events in Las Vegas March 22. While I will not be able to attend this year, I wanted to remind everyone in the electronic security industry of some key features to consider when you attend. I will miss seeing colleagues face-to-face, and hope next year will see that happen.

Tuesday night, March 22 starting at 8 p.m. will be SIA/ISC’s Got Talent, a free event with RSVP required, REGISTER HERE. Held at the Venetian in the Rockhouse, Featuring Hosted Bar and the Most Talented Singers the Electronic Security Industry Has to Offer!

I would also like to remind every one of the CAA Association Pavilion booth. It is located in the lobby of the Sands Convention Center. Free show registration is available at ISC West Registration.

ISC West Exhibits start Wednesday, March 23. The exhibits are in the Sands Convention Center, and open Wednesday and Thursday 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Friday 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Meeting rooms and the Rockhouse are adjacent to the Sands in the Venetian Hotel.

The FAST (Foundation for Advancing Security Talent) golf tournament is March 22 with a 7:45 a.m. check-in. Funds from the tournament support initiatives to grow the workforce in the electronic security and life safety industry. Find out more at:

Enjoy! I will be thinking of the many friends and colleagues I will miss this year, and hope to get back with you next year.

Stan Martin
Executive Director, SIAC

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Sound Alarm Management Programs Shared with California Chiefs

SIAC recently shared information with the California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) on the value of sound alarm management practices. While attending the CPCA Annual Conference for the first time, SIAC’s Steve Keefer met with chiefs to promote the model alarm ordinance, alarm management committee concept and garner support for implementing ASAP (Automated Secure Alarm Protocol) to PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) solutions.

Steve was able to meet with several key chiefs during the February 7-10 sessions in Sacramento. He solidified relations and helped move SIAC significantly towards accomplishing our goals in California this year.

In addition, SIAC was able to share information to interested sworn command staff about CAA’s Scholarship Program.  SIAC’s sponsorship of the California Police Chiefs Association continues to provide excellent opportunities to speak with agency executives about their alarm ordinance; strategies on reducing false alarms; and the benefits of implementing ASAP to PSAP. 

SIAC’s sponsoring of California Chiefs Association was possible due to the generous donations from all California Alarm Association area chapters. We continue to make great strides in our relationship with California Chiefs Association and the hundreds of chiefs that cover the state.

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SIAC/NSA and IACP/SIA Award Applications Released

Major award applications have just come out. Applications for the SIAC/NSA and IACP Awards are now available.

The SIAC/NSA  is a Sheriff/Private Security Partnership Award, and in addition to SIAC’s sponsorship, will also be sponsored by The Monitoring Association ( The award recognizes the partnership between a Sheriff’s Office and a private sector partner. Learn more here:

The award deadline is January 28, and for more information, you may contact Ross Mirmelstein at 703.838.5321.

The IACP/Security Industry Association (SIA — Michael Shanahan Leadership in Public/Private Cooperation Award looks for the following in its submissions: outstanding achievement in the development and implementation of public/private cooperation in public safety. The award recognizes partnerships between law enforcement agencies and private industries that have collaborated to build community trust and enhance public safety.

For further information on the IACP/SIA Award, go to:  SIAC encourages you to share this information with other sources to consider participating and submitting for these awards.

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Mike Salk Honored by California

We first met Mike Salk over 15 years ago. Maybe 20. Our collective memory here at SIAC may not be what it used to.

Regardless of the exact timing, Mike joined us on an alarm ordinance journey in California. Verified Response reared its head, and Mike was there to provide help, insights and local contacts. His expertise and intel proved invaluable during that battle (and it was one of our major battles at the forefront of the Verified Response onslaught).

The fact is Mike was always there when we needed help, a rare breed of dealer who always says yes, I’ll be there, or what can I do next…  When he committed, he always followed through.  Our best estimate is probably near 25 ordinances that he engaged in.  For those of you that don’t know, that usually means two,  three or more visits with key players per ordinance issue.  That’s a huge commitment of time for any volunteer! 

Now, the California Alarm Association (CAA) has honored Mike with its 23rd Annual CAA Tribute Award for association leadership. We salute Mike for his CAA work and all that he’s done on alarm management issues over the years. CAA pointed out Mike’s commitment to the association, and SIAC recognizes that extends to his work in communities helping to improve local alarm management practices.

As a Boy Scout leader, we know Mike shared many values from that organization with SIAC’s Jon Sargent, whose son served in the Sea Scouts, before moving onto the U.S. Navy. Good people help others develop and grow in positive directions, and Mike is a great example for others in our industry. His CAA award is much deserved!

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Despite Covid, SIAC on Track

Despite the challenges posed by Covid over the past 18-20 months, SIAC remains on track with its major activities. At our recent annual Board meeting to set priorities for 2022, SIAC Board Chair Kirk MacDowell said:

“When I was first elected in 2020, there were two things to focus on: financial stability and SIAC’s relevancy to the industry.  We’ve been fortunate, even through COVID, to achieve both under the stewardship of Stan Martin, a strong Treasurer in Tim Creenan, and a strong and attentive Board of Directors.”

In show of confidence, the SIAC Board unanimously re-elected Kirk MacDowell as Chairman for another two-year term. 

MacDowell expressed pride in SIAC’s direction and accomplishments, observing, “Although Covid played havoc on SIAC’s ability to travel and meet in person, Stan and our Chiefs Glen and Steve kept their schedules full attending multiple law enforcement meetings.”

SIAC enters 2022 on sound footing. “Thanks to our contributors, we are on sound footing. The Board approved the 2022 budget, and we are excited about the new year,” MacDowell said.

MacDowell foresees a “great year” for SIAC. “We commissioned a study to be held at ESX (Electronic Security Expo) Conference in June 2022.  The study will be performed by Joe Kuhns, PhD, a professor at UNC-Charlotte, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, to validate that communities utilizing SIAC’s model alarm ordinance programs are in fact reducing alarm dispatches in cites/counties where the protocols are effectively implemented and routinely enforced,” he said. MacDowell also expressed appreciation for the leadership of Brandon Freeman in helping to steward through a new web site, “Under the leadership of Brandon Freeman from Wayne Alarm, we were able to contract with Margulies Communications

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Florida Police Chiefs Praise SIAC’s Engagement on Alarm Management

The Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) President Stephan Dembinsky recently sent SIAC one of the most meaningful appreciation letters we have ever received — a tribute to our SIAC team, Glen Mowrey, Bob Neely and AAF (Alarm Association of Florida) for the years of nurturing and professional investment/support of Florida Chiefs.

If we look back 18-20 years, many of us remember the nearly impossible task we faced with reaching out to the numerous Florida Chiefs, their fierce independence and the lack of willingness to work together with us in the alarm management arena.  First, with Glen reaching out to individual chiefs, opening a few doors, and then bringing Bob Neely (now retired Executive Director/AAF) into the fold, they established relationships that led to trust and ultimately to the formation of an Alarm Management Committee within the Florida Chiefs Association. That led to acceptance of the Model Ordinance followed by the passing of a state law requiring ECV (two-call) and joint cooperation with other legislation. A beautiful example of the ultimate public-private sector partnership!

Cited below in quotes (“) is an excerpt from Chief Stephan Dembinsky to SIAC:

“We felt it important to express our thanks and deep appreciation of the longstanding partnership with the Alarm Association of Florida (AAF) and the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC). The relationship between our organizations has proven to be extremely beneficial and more importantly for our members. When we first established our partnership and support of the Association and the Coalition back in 2005, we never imagined the positive impact it would have on our profession. By forming the Alarm Management Committee, it afforded us the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn more about the challenges that both professions face.

“These partnerships would never have occurred without you and Mr. Glen Mowrey. As you know, Glen has a unique talent of bringing people together to further a mission, so we appreciate his longstanding involvement in the FPCA and the service he provides our members.

“The adoption of the Model Alarm Ordinance that is being used by our agencies throughout the state has improved operations and significantly reduced personnel time in responding to false alarms. Again, another positive outcome from this partnership.

“We have worked together on several legislative issues affecting both Associations and we believe that the Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) was one of our greatest accomplishments. If I am not mistaken, Florida was the first state to implement ECV. Again, this shows that working together on areas of mutual concern can only enhance our ability to move our respective missions forward.”

This formula has worked in many more states and is still working today, albeit through a gradual process that in most cases takes years of tenacious perseverance tempered with patience.  The same applies to professional relationships within IACP, NSA and other national law enforcement associations

Times have changed, person to person meetings, conferences with these groups have greatly diminished, yet the personal relationships remain and continue to pay dividends. I thank each of you for the personal support and commitment day after day. Let us all be encouraged by what has been accomplished to date and may we each look forward to finding new ways to keep us in the forefront of the challenges ahead!

St. Cloud Lauded for 67 Percent Reduction

As an example of SIAC’s work with cities in Florida, St. Cloud achieved a 67 percent reduction in false alarms during its first year using the Florida Police Chiefs Association Model Alarm Ordinance

The City of St Cloud Florida and its Police Department was presented SIAC’s Award of Distinction and AAF Alarm Management Award for its outstanding work in reducing alarm dispatches.

SIAC worked with AAF and representatives with the St. Cloud Police Department staff, city staff and the city attorney’s office using the FPCA Model Ordinance in obtaining the outstanding reduction of alarm dispatch requests.

St. Cloud Police Chief Gauntlett stated, “Our success in reducing alarm calls allows officers to be more proactive in community policing activities.”

“Utilizing the FPCA Model Ordinance streamlines working with the agency in establishing an alarm management program,” Glen Mowrey added.

Our thanks to FPCA for their recognition and support of SIAC’s efforts. With mutual support, we see progress throughout the state of Florida and in specific examples like the city of St. Cloud.

-Stan Martin-

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Why Training Counts

Training counts. It counts when it comes to developing your employees. It counts when it comes to ensuring quality installations and service calls. And, it counts when it comes to alarm management.

The Electronic Security Association (ESA) offers multiple training courses throughout the year to help employees hone their skills. Their National Training School (NTS) are developed by industry professional in security integration and their courses focus on practical skills and knowledge relevant to the required jobs and tasks in a subject area. As the security integration channel and code specifics evolve, so does ESA’s courses, reflecting the latest trends and updates. For more information, go to:

ESA’s wealth of training programs serves all your electronic security training needs. Recently, a training session for the California Alarm Association (CAA) caught our eye as well. The new training program is available to technicians nationwide. It includes online course work leading to a Field Service Technician 1 designation and more than 100 hours of continuing education.

The course itself benefits the technician taking the class, the company that sent him, and the electronic security industry. When you develop the talent on your team, they get better, and that’s good all around. Technicians who know the best installation standards and how to troubleshoot problems help to minimize any issues that can occur when it comes to alarm installations and follow-up service calls. Both ESA’s and CAA’s courses will help you get there.

The 24-hour CAA course is delivered in 11 modules, with instruction ranging from business communications to intrusion detection. If you want to develop your technicians, ESA and CAA are good places to start your new hire or develop technicians already on your staff.

Their success becomes your business’s success. And, that in turn fuels the success of the electronic security industry and how effectively alarms are managed. If you’d like to learn more, go to:

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IACP Encourages the Use of 2020 Model Ordinance

We’re hugely encouraged because the IACP encourages the use of the 2020 Model Alarm Ordinance. That’s GREAT news!

The International Association of Chiefs of Police believe so strongly in the provisions and effectiveness of the model ordinance that they now encourage police around the world to implement the Model Ordinance we put together with their input. Not only does that make us proud here at SIAC, but it also demonstrates the importance of working together to solve crime problems.

There resolution is straightforward. For simplicity, we are printing it below so you can read it in their words and why it is important:

WHEREAS, IACP recognizes the importance of strong relationships between law enforcement and the private sector; and,

WHEREAS, IACP recognizes the importance of accountability in false alarm reduction to maximize officer safety and efficiency in the deployment of law enforcement resources; and,

WHEREAS, IACP acknowledges that correctly installed, operated and monitored electronic security systems are effective resources which help to deter crime, assist in apprehensions, reduce property loss and potentially save lives; and,

WHEREAS, IACP recognizes the need to focus on the credibility of alarms received by Public Safety Answering Points/Emergency Communication Centers from alarm companies and private entities through the establishment of best practices as contained in this Model Ordinance for Alarm Management and False Alarm Reduction, duly vetted and recommended by the Private Sector Liaison Section; and,

WHEREAS, IACP recognizes the need for and value of enforcement tools and alarm management processes recommended in this Model Ordinance to achieve the desired reduction in alarm dispatches experienced by police agencies; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the IACP encourages the use of the 2020 Model Ordinance for Alarm Management and False Alarm Reduction and all of the leading practices it contains by law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

The Alarm Model Ordinance contains the best practices for alarm management and represents over twenty years of joint law enforcement — alarm industry cooperation.  Many of the SACOP – – State Association of Chiefs of Police — have adopted a version of this model for use in their respective states.

SIAC has worked WITH the IACP for MANY years on a multitude of issues. This is one more big success in terms of our cooperative efforts, and we are thankful for their input, experience and commitment to sharing the message about the strength and need for the model ordinance.

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SIAC Remembers Cecil Hogan

You probably remember the hat. You remember his seasoned advice, his wide smile. If you’ve been in the electronic security business for any lengthy period of time, you remember Cecil Hogan.

We certainly do here at SIAC. We remember a man committed to our industry, working for years to help ESA with its many challenges. Always helpful, Cecil would lend his ear and give you an earful of his down-home advice. It might have been unconventional, but it was always worth hearing.

We are sad to hear of his recent passing. Others will write about his accomplishments in the electronic security industry, way back to the years where we called ourselves “alarm businesses.” The length of years spanning his accomplishments and involvement says a lot about how much he cared. And his caring captures the spirit of Cecil.

Central to SIAC’s mission and throughout the security field, Cecil was committed to reestablishing a strong working relationship between SIA, CSAA (currently The Monitoring Association) and ESA. Knitting those organizations into a tighter relationship helped pave the way for their support that has helped SIAC throughout the years. We thank him for all his help over his many years of service.

For those of you who are reading our blog for the first time, please click to following link to “Register for SIAC News” and receive our blog directly.

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Getting Familiar with SIAC

Many individuals and companies in the electronic security industry are familiar with SIAC. At the same time, many are not. This can be puzzling.

We reach out in multiple ways to share our message and the positive activities regarding alarm management that we undertake for the industry. When leaders, owners, managers here about our mission and accomplishments, they are typically supportive of SIAC’s efforts.

So, why are there still a significant number of companies unaware of what SIAC does? To a certain extent, we believe it comes down to exposure: Have these companies been exposed to the work SIAC does? Probably not. That’s our educated guess.

One area where we salute Wayne Alarm in addressing this issue of “hearing SIAC’s voice” is how they’ve shared our blog with their team. Each blog (typically we publish two a month) is now directly emailed to each of their employees. Through our data, we see that they are opening and reading what we write on a significant basis.

The question becomes, “How do we get more companies like Wayne Alarm sharing their email databases so we can directly send them our blog?” We invite each of you to help us out on this issue. We pledge not to share your email database with others. But we would appreciate you sending us a list of email addresses so that we can directly and regularly send them our blog, which addresses important security industry issues.

That will help your team become better informed on alarm management issues (and other critical industry-related activities), and extra effective in their jobs as they increase their knowledge base on what’s happening in the industry around the country. This helps your bottom line, and let’s us share our voice with others.

Please reach Stan Martin directly at if you would like to provide us this information, or to speak with him about any concerns you might have.

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