Check out the Indianapolis Speedway at ESX

Every year, ESX sets up a special event for attendees. This year, with the annual conference in Indianapolis, with special registration, you will get a tour of the Indianapolis Speedway.

Experience Indy with the VIP ESX outing on Wednesday, June 5, from 6-8 p.m. Network trackside with industry friends and enjoy food, drink and entertainment. Kiss the bricks and take a trip around the track in an official pace car. To register, choose which ESX pass is right for you, then select this add-on during the registration process. Hurry, this NEW event caps at 200 registrants!


For information on all about ESX, click here:

Pub Crawl

Tuesday, June 4 | 7: 00PM – 12:00AM

Visit Indy’s fun nightlife with industry friends. ESX’s Pub Crawl is an exciting opportunity to share experiences, catch up with friends and make new ones in a casual atmosphere.

Opening Celebration

Monday, June 3 | 6:00 – 7:30PM | Indiana State Museum

Hors d’oeuvres, drinks and live music launches a week of connecting, sharing and moving the industry forward. Kick off ESX 2019 honoring ESA’s Weinstock Person of the Year and revealing TMA’s Excellence and Technology Marvel award winners.

SIAC will be there. We hope to see you there, too.

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CASIA Raises $3,512

CASIA (Connecticut Alarm and Systems Integrator Association) recently raised $3,512 in donations for the Sandy Springs legal fund and SIAC Operations. We could not have done this without the incredible work of Pat Shea Remes, who consistently steps up to the plate on issues of importance for the security industry. Thank you for organizing the meeting that allowed us to raise those funds.

Pat is perfect example in our industry why things get accomplished. She doesn’t ask for or expect accolades. Instead, because of her commitment to our industry, things get done on time, to a high standard of quality and with an eye towards what best for all companies. That’s hard to do.


The contributions to the Sandy Springs legal fund were collected on the spot! Thank you to Robert Rossman, Howard Friedman, Carl Spiegel, Daniel Budinoff, Bart Didden, Jeffery Atkins, and Joel Kent. Pat Egan/Select Security donated Stan’s airfare, and Joel covered hotel/local travel. There was virtually no expense to SIAC!

This type of support is integral to the success of SIAC, and ensuring our mission continues to support the electronic security industry. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all the members of CASIA for their continued support of SIAC and our programs.

Don’t forget we still have dates open for your chapter to have Stan come out and give a SIAC update on Sandy Springs and Law Enforcement relationships. Wisconsin & Pennsylvania chapter visits are scheduled in May!

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The Makings of the Utah Alarm Management Committee

(Editor’s note: The attached write-up captures the development of the Alarm Management Committee – AMC — in Utah. We felt this description worth sharing with our readers to understand the steps necessary to get this up and running. SIAC is ready to help you explore this option in your state to help improve alarm management practice.


AMC’s connect alarm dealers in states with their respective chiefs of police so they can hopefully achieve a long-term bond, working together through common issues like adjusting the Model Ordinance to their specific needs to conform to state law. With that relationship usually comes trust, and provides the communication vehicle necessary to substantially reduce the risk of a chief producing an onerous ordinance. In fact, once the chiefs adopt the jointly produced ordinance, they promote it, and can urge/persuade others to adopt it. Their buy-in usually prevents other chiefs from coming up with more restrictive versions.)


Steve Keefer began establishing a relationship with the Utah Chiefs of Police Association four years ago.   Whether sponsoring their golf tournament at their annual conference or displaying SIAC educational information within their exhibit hall, the relationship, slowly began to build.


Steve was able to meet Washington City, Utah Police Chief Jim Keith at a bi-annual State Agency Chiefs of Police Conference (SACOP).  Both Jim and Steve represented their respective states at SACOP.  At the time, Steve was still a Chief of Police at the Sparks Police Department in Nevada and the relationship carried over when Steve joined SIAC in 2013.


They shared information afterwards, and although the information was welcomed, the desire to move to the next level wasn’t quite there. Relationships take time to build.


Over the next few years and more time together, Steve shared why an AMC is effective and important. Chief Jim Keith embraced the idea and arranged a meeting at the 2018 IACP Conference in Orlando, Florida.


SIAC’s Glen Mowrey led the meeting, with Utah Chiefs of Police Association Executive  Director Val Shupe; Chief Keith; and Steve Keefer present.  Glen did a fine job and peaked much interest with the possibility of forming the first AMC in the Western United States.


Keefer presented a proposal several months later which got finalized.   The board approved adoption of the AMC and members were soon selected.


Three alarm industry professionals were selected:  Clint Beecroft of Peak Alarm Company (also Utah ESA President); Brian Kirtley of Comcast and and Arlen Kingston of AAA Security.


Three Chiefs of Police were selected: Chief Jim Keith of Washington City PD; Chief Carl Merino of Roy PD; and Public Safety Director Dan Benson of Brian Head PD.


The first meeting with all six members and SIAC’s Steve Keefer was held on March 26 in St. George, Utah, during the association’s annual conference. The first meeting produced a general sense of excitement from participants, looking to provide the association with valuable future resources for all aspects of alarm management.


It’s a long process. But huge results follow as chiefs and alarm industry members buy-in to collective solutions. We recognize at SIAC that positive change takes time. We commit to working together to develop these committees, serving as a resource, providing counsel and guidance. Their growth and success is demonstrated by the numbers:
We now have active AMC’s in TN, FL, GA, MI, SC, NC, MN, CT, ME, TX, WV, PA, IL and now UT. The next Utah meeting is tentatively set for July in the Town of Brian Head, Utah.

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Simpler Application Process for this Year’s Police Dispatch Quality Award

Change with the times. We’ve done that with this year’s Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award application process.


We know it’s not “fun” per se to go through a long and drawn out process to fill in forms, find documentation, summarize programs and submit information. The PDQ, now in its 14th year, had required a lot of this. So, we streamlined the application process. We hope this simplification is helpful for the security companies looking to apply for the award.
PDQ image
Go to our web site. You’ll find it easier and quicker to get through the application process.


Security companies and law enforcement agencies work together as partners, sharing information and communicating frequently to protect public safety and serve their communities. The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR), and Security Sales Integration created the Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) program to promote cooperative best practices, reduce unnecessary dispatches and give officers the most complete information when responding to alarms.

We are looking for companies that exemplify an all-out effort to reduce false alarms from implementing ECC (Enhanced Call Confirmation) and other features known to reduce alarm dispatches, training customers and working closely with law enforcement. The best overall collaboration will be honored with the 14th Annual North American PDQ Award, which is also endorsed by the Installation Quality (IQ) Certification Program.

Applications are being accepted in three categories: 1) Full service integrators that have in-house monitoring. 2) Integrators that use a third party monitoring service provider. 3) Contract monitoring providers that do not have any accounts they provide service for.


  • The winning security company will be able to participate in the award ceremony during June’s Electronic Security Expo (ESX) in Indianapolis.
  • Installing and /or monitoring alarm dealers in the U.S. and Canada must mail or email an application to SIAC postmarked by April 26, 2019

Apply now. Spread the word.

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GELSSA Files Against Sandy Springs

The Georgia Electronic Life Safety & Systems Association (GELSSA), A-Com Security Co. LLP and Safecom Security Solutions Inc. alarm companies, recently filed a notice of appeal in their federal lawsuit against the City of Sandy Springs, Georgia, challenging the constitutionality of an ordinance that imposes fines on alarm companies for false alarms caused by alarm users. SIAC provides the daily management of the legal effort for Sandy Springs.
In the district court, GELSSA and the alarm companies  argued that this civil fine scheme was not rationally related to a legitimate government interest—and therefore unconstitutional—because alarm companies do not have any sort of “master-servant” or “principal-agent” relationship with alarm users and are not in a position to supervise, direct or control the actions of their customers.

In December, the district court dismissed the lawsuit, effectively finding that it was constitutional to hold alarm companies vicariously liable for the acts or omissions of their alarm users.
“We are obviously disappointed in the ruling, especially because there is significant federal precedent that supports our clients’ position, and that is why we’re appealing the decision to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals,” said Brad Carver, a lawyer with the Atlanta firm of Hall Booth Smith who is representing the alarm companies.
“One of our principal arguments is the alarm industry can’t control the behavior of the end users, and the overwhelming majority of false alarms are caused by the end user. By imposing fines on alarm companies, the City is concerned with revenue generation rather than actually addressing the cause of the problem or the persons actually in a position to control it. Beyond constitutional concerns, this act of government over-reach will make it cost-prohibitive for alarm companies to conduct business in this community and provide security services to the City’s residents.”
Since the ordinance became effective, alarm companies have been subjected to tens of thousands of dollars in civil penalties for the actions of alarm users who have caused “false alarms” as determined by the City and billed by Cry Wolf Services, the city’s third-party alarm administrator.
“We can’t allow this type of ordinance to become the industry norm,” said Scott Hightower, GELSSA President. “Passing customer fines on to alarm companies cannot be an option on the table when discussing alarm management.”

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San Jose Rescinds Verified Response Policy

San Jose, CA released its verified response (VR) policy at the end of last year. While it’s better from our perspective that a city never adopt VR in the first place, it’s situations where a policy is implemented, then repealed, that often reveals the extra work necessary to inform a community and work with them to explain with VR isn’t the best path.


That’s where SIAC steps in around the U.S. Proactively preventing VR is better. But if it is put in place, we get the call from the local association or alarm companies, asking for assistance, “What can you do to help us?” And we swing into action.
san jose
That action has produced results year after year, in many states around the country. Here’s a list of other cities on the list:

Major reversals – now responding to alarms:


  1. South Salt Lake City, UT
  2. Summit, CO
  3. Dallas, TX
  4. Madison, WI
  5. Cathedral City, CA
  6. Washoe County, NV
  7. Indio CA
  8. Henderson, NV
  9. Chico CA
  10. West Valley, UT
  11. San Jose, CA

Some of these reversals happened quickly. Some took a lot of time and resources. The important point to remember is that through a security industry commitment, we were able to work together to inform local leadership on the political and law enforcement side, and come to a reasoned solution that benefits everyone.

That’s what it’s all about folks. We’re proud at SIAC to work effectively with law enforcement and the security industry to improve the safety of communities across the U.S.

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MacDowell Callout for MacGuard Nets $9,100

At the California Alarm Association meeting in San Francisco during December, a callout by Kirk MacDowell of MacGuard netted $9,100 in SIAC contributions. Kirk’s idea was to put forward a personal pledge of $1,500, as a 10 percent match up to the $15,000 goal in contributions from others. While his goal from other security industry contributions wasn’t met, it was a tremendous success! Kirk still followed through with the $1,500. SIAC thanks Kirk for the unique idea, his contribution, and his effort in invigorating others to think about how donations can be raised.

Every pledge was paid immediately by credit card on the spot so funds were available with no collection effort. The event created a high degree of awareness and lots of energy around our cause.  Our thanks to CAA President Chuck Petruska for allowing us the time AND stepping up by offering his credit card in front of the group making the first donation!


Fundraising is never easy for any business, organization or individual. SIAC, like other non-profit entities, exists because others believe our mission is worthwhile – educating on alarm management issues, and improving alarm management practices across the U.S. and Canada. EVERY YEAR we have to look at our sources, explain what we’ve done in the last year and what we plan to do in the upcoming year to warrant their continued commitment to our (and the security industry’s) cause. Anyone considering contributing to SIAC asks the fundamental question, “What do they do for my bottom line? What do they do for the industry?”

Those are important questions and ones we believe we answer regularly, honestly and with many good reasons to demonstrate why a donation is important. We work avidly to retain law enforcement as first responders to alarms, which is central to the expectation of consumers who choose a security system. Every year, we fight multiple battles, consistently winning, to maintain response and ensure that security companies are not charged for fines. Do we lose sometimes? Yes, but the number of communities where alarm response is farmed out can be counted on a little more than two hands.

If you follow us, and have committed in the past, thank you, and we look forward to your help in 2019. Our cause does not go away. If you are new to SIAC and want to contribute, please click here for a donation. Stan Martin is always available to answer your questions and send literature. Email Stan at, for a direct response.

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